Albion Online: Into the Fray Patch 1 Vastly Improves Matchmaking and More

Into the Fray Patch 1
Into the Fray Patch 1 Twitter/@albiononline

The first patch for Albion Online: Into the Fray is now available. This update vastly improves the game’s matchmaking system. It also implements some combat balancing changes.

In Albion Online: Into the Fray Patch 1, the five-player premade matchmaking has been vastly improved. Now, the system does a better job at finding opponents on a similar skill level as you.

Another significant change implemented in this update is that you are now healed automatically at the start and end of Arena/Crystal Arena matches. All of your cooldowns are reset as well.

For balancing changes, some fire staff spells received adjustments. It is now much easier to aim with Pyroblast because its rotation speed has increased significantly. Moreover, the aiming area is no longer visible to other people.

The full changelog for Patch 1 can be found below:

  • Players’ max load is now increased when in an Arena match
  • Highest Crystal Arena Rank Points for the season are now visible in the Character Stats UI
  • Arena limited rewards now always reset during maintenance instead of the current 22-hour cooldown
  • Players can now travel to Royal Cities and islands from Portal Towns while carrying items/baggage
  • Increased time for treasure chests in Castles and Castle Outposts to despawn from 5 minutes > 30 minutes
  • "Enrage" buff of Elite Castle Guards no longer stacks
  • Clicking on a capturable orb (eg. in Crystal League) now auto-dismounts the player
  • Picking up a Power Core or Energy Crystal now removes the shielding effect from invisibility shrines (target will still be silenced and can't attack for 10 seconds)
Fire Staff
  • Fire Bolt (All Fire Staff)
    • Instant damage reduced to 62
    • DoT Damage per Tick reduced to 5
  • Flame Blast
    • Cooldown increased to 12 seconds
    • Explosion damage reduced to 140
    • Instant damage reduced to 40
  • Blood Ritual (Demonfang)
    • Damage reduced to 126
  • Fire Artillery areas no longer stack from multiple players
  • Area of Combustion (Infernal Staff) now correctly dissipates if the debuff is purged or ends on the primary target
  • Fixed an issue where canceling the Pyroblast channel would lead to jumpy movement
User Interface
  • Fixed an issue where pagination did not work in shop UI
  • Fixed display issues with Faction Warfare UI
  • Arena queue can no longer be accepted while in a knockdown state
  • Regular offseason Level 1 Crystal League matches are now lethal as intended
  • No-Show wins will now reward the correct token for Lethal 5v5 Crystal League Level 2 and 3 matches
  • Fixed an issue where characters would be frozen after using Smart Cluster Queue UI in some cases

Albion Online: Into the Fray Patch 1 is available on PC.

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