Aim Trainer Pro Update Patch Notes: More Games Now Supported

Aim Trainer Pro
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If you play first-person shooter games, you know that aim is one of the most important aspects of play following game sense. Aim Trainer Pro is a Steam game developed by DanD which allows you to improve your aim and warm up for the matches you play next.

DanD bought in many changes with the new update, such as adding in custom crosshairs, which allows you to make your own UI elements. This is especially good for games like CS:GO where you can make your own crosshairs. DanD also started to support games like Valorant and Modern Warfare.

Aim Trainer Pro Update Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes for Aim Trainer Pro below:

New Feature: Aim Trainer Pro Editor (beta)

Make, create, share and experience levels with Steam Workshop!

The editor can be found in the main menu of the game and gives players a powerful tool set of features to create weapons and levels. Share them using Steam Workshop which will allow users to download and play them.

New Feature: Crosshair Editor

You can now create your own crosshair using the “Custom” setting via crosshair styles.

New Level: Freezy

A brand new level has been added which features the classic three cubed reflex shooting level.

New Games Supported:

Valorant and Modern Warfare

#### Extra Features:

  • All new fov calculations for supported games
  • Moved resolution to option menu away from the game launcher
  • Added Hit Indicator option which displays hit feedback crosshair when a target is damaged
  • Added Hit sound option when user has downloaded a sound effect from workshop
  • Added highlight rendering to human targets
  • Graphics card is now displayed at main menu
  • improved reset button + imported logo library
  • Target graphics improved greatly
  • Temporarily removed Arena level while some issues are fixed and reworked with it

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with weapon_configs not being loaded correctly
  • Fixed an issue that caused workshop data not to be loaded if the file was local
  • Fixed human targets being unable to move forwards and backwards in editor
  • Fixed an issue that prevented first dataset to be loaded if dropdown item was not changed
  • Fixed bug with bullet impact hole vfx
  • Fixed getcomponent error that prevented editor firerate from being loaded correctly
  • Fixed an issue that prevented item dropdown name from being uploaded to steam workshop
  • Fixed performance issue with custom weapon audio files from editor while firing
  • Fixed an issue that prevented custom audio from being loaded onto weapon
  • Fixed a bug that prevented all content packages from being uploaded
  • Fixed various issues with file directories not being slotted correctly in editor
  • Fixed issue with crosshair history causing crashing
  • Fixed build issue that would cause .exe to not be able to find content file and be unable to run
  • Fixed performance instantiate issue with crosshair history objects
  • Fixed crosshair colours not being loaded correctly if it was custom
  • Fixed valid file issues with directory editor search
  • Fixed animation not playing correctly on main menu button
  • Fixed a bug that caused music track to change on restart
  • Fixed low quality texture issue on icons (can see this very clearly on dropdown icons)
  • Fixed bug that caused highlight to display on main menu scene
  • Fixed bug that prevented English image assets to exist if language was changed
  • Fixed an issue that prevented refresh animation from playing multiple times
  • Fixed a bug that prevented custom level timer from displaying or loading
  • Fixed a bug that prevented hitsounds from loading correctly
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain assets to not be generated if you did not select them

So, what are your thoughts on Aim Trainer Pro’s new update? Do you agree with the changes? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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