Against the Storm: Players Can Now Restrict Food Consumption for All Three Species with Just a Click

Twitch Integration Update
Twitch Integration Update Steam

The roguelite city builder Against the Storm got a new patch rife with new features that you’ll surely love. The Twitch Integration update brought new quality-of-life improvements, especially in the Consumption Control Panel.

Eremite Games introduced the Consumption Control Panel in Against the Storm to manage which foods your species can consume. Back then, you’d have to painstakingly put a checkmark on every food for each species, which is quite a time-consuming process.

Fortunately, in the Twitch Integration update, a new checkbox has been added to let you forbid a need for all three species with just one click. This is a good quality-of-life feature for sure!

Consumption Control Panel
Consumption Control Panel Eremite Games

The company has optimized game performance as well. For instance, you might notice a performance improvement in the Scarlet Orchard biome. According to Eremite Games, this biome was more demanding than the rest because of detailed assets and thick foliage. Perhaps you can give it a try after updating the game to the latest version and let us know about your experience in the comments section.


  • 3 New Forest Mysteries
    • Drizzle Anomaly: The rain seems to fall... slower. Gain 15 Drizzle Water per minute during the Drizzle.
    • Scavenging Season: The Drizzle in this region is very mild, making it the perfect season for looting. Increases the chance of bringing back twice as many goods from Glade Events solved during the Drizzle.
    • Unyielding Corruption: The spreading Corruption strikes fear into the hearts of you villagers. No amount of assurances or flattery can change that. Favoring is unavailable while the Hearth is being corrupted.
  • 2 New Orders
    • Restoration: convert glade events into positive decorations.
    • Gifts for the Queen: choose the “send to Citadel” option when solving glade events.
  • Clothing the People
    • Objectives: changed the requirement from fulfilling needs at the same time to fulfilling needs in total.
  • Trade Baron
    • Objectives: decreased the number of required trade routes from 12/14/16 to 10/12/14.
  • The Cult of Fire
    • Objectives: slightly decreased the number of required villagers with the need for Religion fulfilled (on the higher difficulty).
  • Serving the People
    • Objectives: lowered the requirement for Pickled Goods, Skewers, and Jerky needs fulfilled from 50/60/70 to 40/50/60.
  • Venturesome Leader (timed)
    • Rewards: increased the number of Simple Tools.
  • Time of Courage (timed)
    • Rewards: increased the amount of Amber.
  • Zealous Scouts (timed)
    • Time: increased the time limit by 30s.
  • Sacrificial Ceremony (timed)
    • Rewards: removed the Secret Techniques of the Firekeeper perk, added the Smithy Blueprint.
  • Outerwear (timed)
    • Objectives: lowered the requirement for simultaneously fulfilled Clothing needs
  • Utopia
    • Objectives: lowered the requirement for fulfilling the need for Jerky, Pie, and Skewers from 14/16/18 to 12/14/16.

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

Against the Storm Twitch Integration update is available on PC.

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