Against the Storm: The Modifiers Update Introduces Eight New World Map Modifiers

Modifiers Update
Modifiers Update Steam

After a community brainstorm where players were asked what features they’d like to be implemented in Against the Storm, Eremite Games settled with eight new world map modifiers, for now, in the aptly named Modifiers update.

Before anything, modifiers in Against the Storm are unique tiles found in random locations on the world map. These tiles modify the conditions of games played on adjacent tiles.

That said, eight new map modifiers are introduced in the most recent patch. One notable modifier is Abandoned Settlement where players will start with a small destroyed settlement in their initial glades.

Another one worth mentioning is Gathering Storm. Tiles that are affected by this modifier will have storms that last longer.

Here is a rundown of the other modifiers introduced in this update:

  • Frosts: A bizarre cold rises from below and engulfs the Sacred Flame. All Hearths have a smaller radius.
  • Untamed Wilds: Nobody settled in this region for multiple Cycles. Every Dangerous and Forbidden Glade contains two threats instead of one (except glades with Archaeological Discoveries in the Scarlet Orchard).
  • Land of Greed: The strange totem doesn't allow you to share your wealth with anyone... Choosing the "send to Citadel" option in Glade Events no longer awards Reputation Points.
  • Petrified Necropolis: Rocks in this region have a very peculiar shape… Dead villagers turn to stone. Gain Meat for every Stone and Clay produced.
  • Overgrown Library: A remnant of a bygone era, when Royal Archivists themselves ventured out into the wilderness in search of knowledge. One of your starting blueprint choices is replaced by a Wildcard (you can choose one blueprint from all unlocked blueprints).
  • Ominous Presence: Something strange is trapped beneath the ground. Gain double the amount of Hostility for each year, but every time a villager dies, Hostility is decreased.

All new modifiers are added to the Daily Expedition pool and can be selected in Training Expeditions as well.

Aside from new world map modifiers, Eremite Games also made some optimizations to improve the overall performance of Against the Storm. This was made after the company received reports that the game was running slower since the last update.

Additionally, the company will be releasing an experimental patch soon with the aim of improving performance even further.

So, what can you say about the new modifiers in Against the Storm’s latest update?

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