Against the Storm: Modifiers Update Improvements for Trade Route UI and More

Modifiers Update
Modifiers Update Steam

The Against the Storm Modifiers update is now available on PC. This patch not only brings new world map modifiers that make the game harder, but it also has plenty of improvements, especially for the Trade Route UI.

The Trade Route UI in Against the Storm presents you with a list of goods (aka Offers) that nearby settlements are willing to buy from you in exchange for the game’s main currency, Amber.

In the Modifiers update, all offers are now displayed at once, alleviating the need to click on individual towns just to see what they have. Furthermore, a new checkbox is added that hides all offers you cannot afford when checked.

Another major improvement is that the Trade Route button on the HUD now shows two numbers. The first number is for trade routes that are ready to be collected, found on the left. And the second one is for trade routes that can be started right away, located on the right. This should help you make informed decisions about trading without having to open the Trade Route interface.

You can find the other notable improvements in this patch below:

  • Trade Route UI
    • Moved the buy button for new offer slots from the main offer list to the side list of towns.
    • Removed the biome name from the town slot to make more space for the town name. The biome name can still be seen in the town tooltip.
    • Added a checkbox to the options menu (in the “Alerts” tab) to enable trade route completion notifications even if auto collect is on (this option is off by default).
    • Slightly rearranged the Trade Route panel (mostly the checkboxes and the headers).
  • Added an effect preview in the description of retroactive perks. Now before buying or picking a retroactive perk, you will be able to see the expected bonus from it.
  • Changed the way removing buildings works. Now all buildings (aside from roads and decorations) will always ask for confirmation. You can skip the confirmation pop-up by holding Shift when destroying buildings.
  • Changed the wording on progress previews in effects that are only active during one season (like Cricket Mating Grounds, Woodpecker Technique, and Improvised Tools).
  • Added a new setting in the options menu - UI scroll sensitivity. It affects all scroll bars in the game’s UI.
  • Updated the description of the Earthquake effect (Drainage Mole) to also include information about nearby glade events being destroyed by it.
  • Improved the wording in the Awakening effect’s description (Infected Drainage Mole) to make it clear that Cysts remain active even after solving the corresponding glade event.
  • Changed the wording in the Silent Looting perk description to make it more consistent with other text in the game.
  • Added information about the radius to some explosion effects (like in the Noxious Machinery glade event).

The full patch notes can be found on Against the Storm’s Steam page.

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