Against the Storm: Lighthouse Update Reworks Woodcutter's Camp Settings

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Eremite Games released a pretty huge update for Against the Storm recently. Aside from new decorations, the Lighthouse Update has reworked the Woodcutter’s Camp settings to make things much clearer than before.

The Woodcutter’s Camp is a very important structure in Against the Storm because it allows you to produce wood for developing your settlement’s other buildings. That said, the company noticed that the settings in the Woodcutter’s Camp do not clearly convey what they actually do, which is why some changes have been made in the Lighthouse Update.

The said structure has four different modes. The default mode will prompt woodcutters to cut trees normally. The “Only Marked Trees” option will tell woodcutters to only gather wood from marked trees. Avoid Glades is an option that prompts woodcutters to cut trees normally but avoid the dark areas of the map (aka the Glades). And lastly, “Avoid Glades (except Marked)” is nearly the same as the last one, except woodcutters will go to the Glades if there are marked trees there.

Woodcutter's Camp Mode
Woodcutter's Camp Mode Steam

In addition, the Lighthouse Update gives you the option to rebind mouse keys in a limited capacity. Now, you can use the LMB, RMB, and MMD when canceling actions, manipulating camera movement, and selecting objects in the game world.


  • Added three new Glade Events
    • Fishmen Lighthouse: Once upon a time, there must have been a coast and a harbor here. Now this place is haunted by Fishmen and the waters have withdrawn. An ominous light is coming from the top of the lighthouse.
    • Escaped Convicts: Dangerous convicts from the Smoldering City are hiding in the forest. They somehow managed to free themselves during transport. You can decide their fate - welcome them and employ them in your settlement, or send them back to the Citadel where they will be punished.
    • Destroyed Cage of the Warbeast: A destroyed royal guard camp. It looks as if one of their warbeasts got out and razed the entire encampment to the ground. The beast, usually obedient to its masters, must have been provoked by something.
  • Added four new Deeds
    • Apprentice Archaeologist 1: Win a game with a reconstructed Sealed Spider skeleton in the Scarlet Orchard.
    • Apprentice Archaeologist 2: Win a game with a reconstructed Sea Serpent skeleton in the Scarlet Orchard.
    • Apprentice Archaeologist 3: Win a game with a reconstructed Smoldering Scorpion skeleton in the Scarlet Orchard.
    • Master Archaeologist: Win a game with all three skeletons reconstructed in the Scarlet Orchard.

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

Against the Storm Lighthouse Update is available on PC.

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