Against the Storm: Developers Finally Improved Logistics in Favoring Update

Favoring Update
Favoring Update Steam

The Favoring Update for Against the Storm is now available on Steam and it is a pretty big one. Aside from implementing a major change to the Favoring System, this patch finally improves the game’s logistics.

From this patch onward, workers in Against the Storm can now get ingredients from production buildings and deliver them to nearby buildings that require them. For example, if you need the workers to provide flour to a bakery, all you have to do is situate the bakery near a flour mill and the workers will do their best to deliver the said resource automatically.

To help you with the minimum distance, animated lines will appear on the screen whenever you place a structure. These lines show you the connections to the buildings that are in range.

It’s important to note that only the buildings capable of producing goods used in active recipes are marked.

The Favoring Update also brought balancing tweaks as well. Some of the Cornerstones, for example, have received adjustments, including Safe Haven, Urban Planning, and Improvised Tools. You can read the changes below:

  • Rebalanced the Sacred Flame Rituals Forest Mystery and changed its description to avoid confusion. Previously, it was worded as if every villager that wasn’t paid for, would die (but in fact, only one would be killed per year). Now it clearly states that the consequence for not paying only applies once per year, and the number of victims was increased from 1 to 2.
  • Moved the Field Kitchen unlock from the Dim Square Level 8 upgrade to Level 7. The Packs of Provisions Embark Bonus from Level 7 was moved up to Level 8.
  • Rebalanced the Living Matter Glade Event. The working effect (Decaying Food) should now consume less food (around 17% less on lower difficulties, and 33% less on Viceroy).
  • Rebalanced the Petrified Tree Glade Event. It now has an additional working effect (fewer spots in every house), but the woodcutting speed penalty was nerfed.
  • Slightly increased the spawn rate of the Petrified Tree Glade Event.
  • Cysts can now spawn on warehouses. The Main Warehouse can have 6 cysts, and the small Warehouse can have 3.
  • Lowered the carrying capacity boost from the Ancient Strength upgrade in the Archaeologist’s Office from 10 to 5.
  • Rebalanced multiple Cornerstones.
    • Safe Haven: changed the rarity of this perk from Epic to Legendary.
    • Woodpecker Technique: no longer gives 1 Insect for every 2 trees. Now gives 2 Insects for every tree cut during the Storm.
    • Reinforced Axes: lowered the woodcutting speed bonus from 40% to 35%.
    • Worker's Rations: lowered the chance of double food consumption from 25% to 20%.
    • Counterfeit Amber: now requires 75 water used instead of 100.
    • Urban Planning: removed the downside (construction time increase).
    • Improvised Tools: now gives 10 Simple Tools (instead of 5) per glade and no longer decreases woodcutter Resolve. But glades must be discovered during the Storm.
    • Force of Nature: now gives a +1 bonus to Storm Water production every 2 woodcutters (instead of every 3).
    • Overexploitation: lowered the amount of Hostility given by this perk by 33%.

The full patch notes of Against the Storm Favoring Update is available on Steam.

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