Enjoy a Big Bash as AFK Arena Celebrates Second Anniversary

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday! Lilith Games

It’s time to blow out the balloons and bring out the cake as AFK Arena is celebrating its second anniversary. The game may be young but that doesn’t mean that the celebration can’t be big. Among many things that players can expect include 100 summon scrolls, exclusive skins, and two new heroes. How’s that for a birthday party?

Gifts Galore

Whether longtime players or newbies, AFK Arena is giving everyone 100 summons. To get this massive reward, players simply need to log in three times over three days, and must be done before May 6.

In a post, AFK Arena revealed that they’re giving out a special anniversary gift package that contains 3,000 Diamonds and 30 extra Summons. How to get this one? Just use the code aaz27uvgfi.

But wait there’s more! The Inn Keeper Dolly is hosting some lively jazz in the Tavern. As part of this event, four heroes get a makeover, like Gwyneth getting the Musical Rose, and Skriath receiving the Kingpin skin.

New Heroes

Over the past year, the game has introduced many new heroes including Joker and the Queen of Persona 5. Even Ainz Ooal Gown and Albedo, both from the anime Overlord, join the game back in October 2020. AFK Arena even introduced a new NPC based on YouTuber Markiplier.

The first of two new heroes joining the game is the Lightbearer Peggy. As a princess, Peggy enters the battle with a defensive bonus from her Royal Guards. She also brings her Royal Marksmen to rain down some damage and debuffs. The second is Wilder Raku who makes full use of his cute and fluffy appearance before dishing out punishment with his Acorn Cannon. Raku the Racoon also has the Peckish ability which lets him strengthen his attack.

New Update

Early this week, AFK Arena released an update that introduces adjustment to three heroes including:

  • Eluard - Protector of Souls
    • Fixed a problem with “Prayer of Protection," wherein Eluard’s own damage immunity effect was not correctly removed in certain circumstances.
  • Ezio - Auditore da Firenze
    • Optimized the character’s size while in battle.
      • Changes made won’t affect the character’s battle performance.
  • Joker - The Leader of Few Words
    • Optimized the character’s size while in battle.
      • Changes made won’t affect the character’s battle performance.
    • Optimized the animation of the “All-Out Attack” ability.
      • Changes made won’t affect the character’s battle performance.
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