AFK Arena Launches War of Wits PvP Event

Ready to fight?
Ready to fight? Lilith Games

AFK Arena may have branded itself as a casual action card game, but its newest event could change that. The War of Wits is set to be the game’s first real-time 1v1 event. In this game mode, players won’t be able to use any of their high-level heroes and instead fight other players on the same level. That means it’s all about knowledge and skills to get the win.

The War of Wits event ends on February 26.

Indeed, the skills of the players are going to be tested in this mode. There are 40 Heroes and 24 Relics to choose from with players taking turns to draw a total of four cards. Choosing a Hero card puts that character on the player’s hand, which would be deployed in the final combat phase. The Heroes can be chosen from one of four different factions and each offering its own advantages.

Relics, meanwhile, can either buff the player’s squad or give the other player’s squad a problem. The trick is players have to choose which one to use for the final battle.

Players who manage to play in 20 PvP matches before February 26 get to unlock the Celestial Hero Talene. Talene is an agility-based support hero that brings flame-based attacks to the fight. Once unlocked, she compliments well with other heroes including those from crossovers like Ainz Ooal Gown of Overlord and the Joker of Persona 5.

AFK Arena is a game where players create a team and level up using the auto farming system. It means that when players log off, the battle continues. When players log in again, they can then collect the rewards. Some ongoing events like Heroes of Esperia and the Dimensional Hero Exchange are ending on February 29. The latter event has players exchange certain tokens or coins in return for a Dimensional Hero.

The game is developed by Lilith Games, the same studio responsible for games, such as Art of Conquest and Rise of Kingdoms . The studio’s latest game is Warpath released in 2020. AFK Arena is available for both Android and iOS.

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