The 6 Best Red Dead Redemption 2 Collectibles

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While you're still engrossed in the beautiful landscapes, incredibly detailed world, and story of Red Dead Redemption 2, chances are that you have already begun questioning if RDR2 really is a game or reality. We wouldn't correct you on this one because Rockstar Games has truly done a phenomenal job with their latest title and every time we play RDR2, our jaws drop. Everybody wants some kind of memorabilia from their favorite games to show off to their friends, and if you're a fan of Red Dead Redemption 2, this article is for you!

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Arthur Morgan's Leather Jacket

Arthur Morgan's Leather Jacket
Arthur Morgan's Leather Jacket Amazon

This is a replica of the iconic leather jacket that Arthur Morgan dons in Red Dead Redemption 2. The jacket has a retro and vintage feel to it and looks super badass. The jacket is made with the finest quality of genuine leather and features two outside flaps and pockets.

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Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener
Bottle Opener Amazon

If you've played Red Dead Redemption 2 enough, you likely find yourself prefering a beer bottle over a beer can. Unfortunately, beer bottles are not that easy to open and that is why you need a bottle opener. This cool bottle opener comes with a slick vintage design, the "Red Dead Redemption II" logo and the Rockstar logo. A cool collectible indeed!

Red Dead Redemtion 2 Collapsible Shot Glass

Collapsible Shot Glass
Collapsible Shot Glass Amazon

Made from high-quality brass, this telescopic shot glass bears the Red Dead Redemption 2 brand on the bottom. The design is fully visible when the glass collapses into the size of a pocket watch. Not only does the shot glass collapse and turn into a beautiful momento, it also has a clip so you won't lose it.

Cowboy Felt Hat

Felt Hat
Felt Hat Amazon

Red Dead Redemption 2 is full of cowboys and cowboy hats. While most people wear a felt hat just because it looks nice, you as an outlaw know the feeling of putting on a cowboy hat. This cowboy hat is made from faux felt and is available in various color options.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Posters

Memorabilia Amazon

These Red Dead Redemption 2 posters are exceptionally well-made and neat. The posters are printed on a professional poster paper in HD quality and promise durability. There are a bunch of these posters to choose from. These posters serve as great home decorations and gifts.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Guide

The Complete Official Guide
The Complete Official Guide Amazon

This complete official guide for Red Dead Redemption 2 is complied by PiggyBank in association with Rockstar Games. To traverse the vast, breathtaking, and dangerous lands of the Wild West, one needs an indispensable companion like this official guide. The guide also includes an exclusive character art gallery and is printed on superior-quality art paper.

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