Red Dead Online Weekly Update: New Offers For Moonshiners

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A lot of new things coming this month.
A lot of new things coming this month. Rockstar Games

Red Dead Online is starting the new year strong with permanent clothing additions along with a featured Free Aim Series which focuses on all Capture game-mode. There's also a whole lot coming for Moonshiners.

In particular, players who manage to reach Moonshiner Rank 3 before January 13 get an exclusive colorway of Kelley Boots. Bootleggers who flavor any batch of Moonshine earn 500 Moonshiner Role XP. Finally, those that sell any batch of Medium-strength shine receive a 30% discount on any Norfolk Roadster Horse.

New Clothing

Beginning this week, the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue has a number of new items for sale. These include permanent additions like the Rivera Hooded Tunic, McCrum Pants, the Palma and Baldock Hats, Kelley Boots, and Pico Sandals. Meanwhile the Boutell Hat and Leavitt Jacket are also available in stores as well. However these items may only be in stock for a limited time.

Featured Aim Series

Players looking for a no-holds-barred opportunity to test their mettle will love this week's Featured Free Aim Series, which highlights all of the Capture game-modes. These include Hostile Territory, Overrun, Plunder, Spoils of War, and Up in Smoke. No matter which mode you want, it's time to show everyone what you have.

Bonuses & Benefits

New bonuses for Moonshiners.
New bonuses for Moonshiners. Rockstar Games

There's still a lot more coming to moonshiners this week. Moonshiners get 25% off the cost of all Moonshiner Shack Properties and Property Relocations. There's also a little something for Traders who get 40% off Novice and Promising Trader Role Items like the Stew Pot and the Medium Delivery Wagon.

Players who verify their Social Club email address and set up two-step verification on their accounts receive discounts on the Outlaw Pass, as well as Role Items for the Bounty Hunter, Trader, and Collector. They also receive a free Kladruber Horse of their choice. Meanwhile, those who connect their Social Club account with Twitch Prime get the Collector's Bag and the Polished Copper Moonshine Still upgrade, - both free of charge.

Specialist Role

The Moonshiner is a specialist role that was introduced in December. With this, players have the chance to run their own bootlegging business. This particular role is good for those who want to progress the Trader route as well as those who want to have property they can call their own. Moonshiners also have a number of unique role-specific skills.

You can learn more about the Moonshiners specialist role here.

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