Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation Fourth Year Anniversary Event is Here and You're Invited

Join the celebration.
Join the celebration. KOEI TECMO

There's a new celebration happening in Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation. Everyone is invited to be part of the "4th Year Anniversary~ALIVE~" event from April 6 to April 19.

During the event, players can use the Silver Alive Coins and Premium Alive Coins they’ve earned at event fests and redeem them for rewards. Here are the rewards available:

  • Featured Event Score Rewards
    • SSR Accessory Ticket Vol.2
    • Event Episodes
    • Closeness Medal
    • Bath Salts (L)
    • Bath Salts (M)
    • Bath Salts (S)
  • Featured Mission Rewards
    • VIP Coins
    • V Stone
  • Featured Panel Mission Rewards
    • SSR Accessory Ticket Vol.1
    • SSR Accessory Ticket Vol.2
    • 4th Anniversary Chicken
    • Gift of Love
    • Unlock POW Stone (XL)
    • SSR Deco-bromide “~ALIVE~”!
      • Available to those who clear all missions.

Take on the “Koharu”! Mission

The celebration isn't the only thing happening in the game. A new mission is now available which can only be completed if players have invited "Koharu" to the festival. To complete this mission, they need to max out skill awakening for the swimsuit “Ylang Ylang (Koharu).” Once the mission is done, they obtain the Private Outfit "Beauty of Nature (Koharu)."

Here are the details of this Private Outfit:

  • The Private Outfit obtained from this mission is a swimsuit that won't malfunction. This swimsuit won't have the face paint function included.
  • As the swimsuit does not have any stats and skills, it cannot be equipped as a Festival Outfit.
  • The swimsuit does not have bromides and deco-bromides.

Large Props

Players can also enjoy the large props which come with a motion feature that goes well with furniture like Chapter and Flower Bath. Those who bought the Floral Bath (White) from the VIP Coin Exclusive Shop can exchange it for the Large Prop (Flower Bath) Bathing at the Closeness Medal Exclusive Shop. Meanwhile, the Large Prop (Chair) Sitting with Legs Together can be exchanged for as a Pose Card at the Silver Alive Coin Bonus Exchange.

Event-Exclusive Shop

Players can also use their Silver Alive Coin to exchange for any of these:

  • SR Evening Wave Earrings (Any Girl)
  • SR Ylang Ylang (Koharu)
  • SR Skill Awakening Stone (Ylang Ylang)
  • Episode Coins
  • 4th Anniversary Chicken
  • Silver Chip

This offer is only available until April 26. After that, the event-exclusive shop closes and it won't be possible anymore to trade Silver Alive Coins.

Don’t forget to check out all the events and offers here.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation is available on PC through Steam.

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