Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation Welcomes the New Year with a Birthday Celebration

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday! KOEI TECMO

In Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation, the first day of the year isn't just celebrating the new year because January 1 is also Monica's birthday. Like any birthday in-game, there are exciting events you can enjoy.

One of these events is "Monica's Birthday Gacha" running from December 31 to January 7. The highlight is the new SSR Swimsuit "Dolce Framboise (Monica)" being designated as a Pickup Swimsuit with its level always at 90 when acquired. For this swimsuit, players can look forward to the new Active Skill called the “W Refined Skill G” and its two effects.

Login Bonus

In addition to the usual login bonus, players can receive cool rewards with the "Monica's Birthday" Login Bonus. This event may have started December 31 but there's still time to enjoy some rewards since it’s running until January 8. Rewards include:

  • Day 1: Maple Whipped Latte x1
  • Day 2: Papanasi x1
  • Day 3: Monica Coins x20
  • Day 4: Maple Whipped Latte x2
  • Day 5: Papanasi x2
  • Day 6: Monica Coins x30
  • Day 7: Skill Awakening Gem (Monica) x1

Monica's Birthday Festival

What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a festival? This one runs from December 31 to January 14. What do players need to do?

First is that they need to obtain the "Cake of Happiness (Monica)" from "Monica's Birthday Gacha." This can be obtained the first time players do a Paid 10-Draw from gacha. Once the cake is obtained, players can challenge the "Monica's Birthday Festival." Once successful, they can then get the "Spoon of Happiness (Monica)" special gift item along with SSR Deco-bromides.

There's also another thing that players can do with the cake. Instead of taking on the challenge, they can give it as a present to Monica. If they choose this route, they unlock an "Extra Episode" and get the Furniture "Cake of Happiness (Monica)."

Other Events

  • Titles Available in the Venus Shop
    • Event Period: December 31 to January 14
    • Added Items:
      • Title "End of Year Showdown"
      • Title "Just a Normal Girl"
  • Event Festival Matches
    • Event Period: December 31 to January 14
    • Mission Contents:
      • Win 10 Event Festival Matches with Monica

Check out all the details of Monica's Birthday here. Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation is available on PC through Steam.

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