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M7 Productions, the developer of tactical first-person shooter game Zero Hour, just released a new update that adds tons of new content. The developers have added four new gadgets into Zero Hour that allow you to be creative with your approach. The added gadgets are C2 explosive charges, night vision goggles, flare sticks, and door wedges.

The Ratter is a brand new weapon that has the combined traits of a submachine gun and a carbine that allows you to fight really well in close-quarters situations. You can also find more details about the new map, Bank Heist, in the patch notes below.

Zero Hour Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

New Gadgets

  • C2 Explosive Charge

An explosive breaching charge which can be attached to a door handle. It is quick but can be very dangerous for both sides of the door. C2 breach uses 9 kg (20 Pounds) of C-4 that can breach even reinforced concrete bunkers.

  • NVG (Night Vision Goggles)

Playing in the dark won't be the same when attackers have the ability to utilize Night Vision Goggles. It will allow images to be produced in levels of light approaching total darkness.But keep in mind that they are highly sensitive to bright lights, any illuminated room or object such as a flashlight will result in making you blind for a few seconds.

  • Flare Sticks

Flares have been added to the terrorists' inventory in order to counter the use of the NVG’s from their enemies. It can light up a whole room and be thrown or carried around if you hold it. Using flares will cause NVGs to be of no use and it’s users to be left blinded.

  • Door Wedges

The ability to lock doors has been added to the terrorists inventory. When used on a door, the attacking team won't be able to open it unless they utilize breaching methods such as a ballistic breach or an explosive breach.

New Weapon

The Ratter

The Rattler is a cross between a submachine gun and a carbine. A quick small, light weapon that can provide automatic fire is invaluable for close-quarters combat and will provide more variety for terrorist’s weapon choice.

New Map

Bank Heist

The Central Bank Of Dhaka situated in midtown Uttera. It will be the first map where the attacking units spawn on the roof. This will be done by a chopper dropping off units on the high ground. Spawning here will give attackers a new vantage point going in from the roof. Bank Heist consists of entrance shutters (switch oriented) which prevents visuals within the building and attackers moving in from open or obvious entrances. It has 4 floors including the basement. There are no bulletproof windows except the queuing area.

Update Logs


  • Added Gadget, C2
  • Added Gadget, NVG
  • Added Gadget, Door Wedge
  • Added Gadget, Flare Sticks
  • Added New Gun, The Rattler
  • Added New Map, Bank Heist
  • Added inaccuracy to guns if you run
  • Added natural wind
  • Added ADS FOV difference per weapon


  • Fixed Lean clip through wall issues/Shooting through wall
  • Fixed bullets not penetrating windows properly
  • Fixed being able to rotate 360 while rappelling
  • Fixed prompts getting intruding aim
  • Fixed mic mute not working
  • Fixed being able to melee during Anti-Spawn peek timer
  • Fixed can shoot while aiming grenade
  • Fixed Hostage getting stuck in stairs/ramps
  • Fixed Flashlights showing up in planning table
  • Fixed Rifle clipping when running
  • Fixed Map 5 spawn peek position
  • Fixed Map 2 spawn peek position
  • Fixed Map 2 grill disappearing in low settings
  • Fixed picked up weapon models not updating
  • Fixed Picking up weapon at once allows everyone to take the weapon
  • Fixed Embassy Billiard Room window gap
  • Fixed Spiral Stairs Map 4
  • Fixed Hotel bathroom Collision


  • Updated C4 Icon
  • Updated Shield Icon


  • Replaced C4 Model
  • Replaced Disconnect messages
  • Replaced Send rate from 60 to 40
  • Replaced Scar Scope


  • Optimized Spawning
  • Optimized Scar
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