Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: How To Build A Volcanic Deck

yugioh duel links volcanic deck pvp
The Volcanic archetype is fun but tough to use in Duel Links PVP Konami/Player.One

The Volcanic archetype is one of my favorites of all in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG so when they were introduced to Duel Links with the Primal Burst set , I was ecstatic. However, making them work in PVP is difficult.

Many of the best Volcanic cards in the trading card game, like Scattershot and Counter, are not yet in Duel Links , but our version of a Volcanic deck is still fun to take into PVP. These are the cards I’ve used in Duel Links PVP with some success, but with the release of more cards, this deck will change.

It won’t reach a deck tier like Gladiator Beasts, Ninja or Phoenix, but if you’re looking for a more challenging deck to use, then you should try this out. Take a look at the first version of our Volcanic deck.

volcanic deck recipe version 1 yugioh duel links
One version of our Volcanic Deck for Duel Links Photo: Konami


The first thing you’ll notice in the deck recipe is how many Ultra Rare cards are involved. It’s unavoidable because Volcanic Rocket is the most important piece to this puzzle. Having three of them is great to get your Blaze and Tri-Blaze Accelerators as soon as possible, but you could get away with two in your deck. Volcanic Doomfire, the big boss of this deck, is also an Ultra Rare, but you only need one of those.

Three Volcanic Shells are a must to not only have ammo for your Accelerators, but to also thin your deck faster to draw Doomfire or one of your better spells/traps. Royal Firestorm Guard is great to refill your deck and draw more cards, which goes great with how Volcanic Shell adds more Pyro-type monsters into the grave.

Raging Flame Sprite and Flamvell Paun can actually be used with Blaze Accelerator, while Paun can be used to search for Raging Flame Sprite or more Pauns.

This deck needs a lot of protection because using Blaze Accelerator will not allow the duelist to attack in that turn. You’ll need Enemy Controller, Windstorm of Etaqua and others to prevent your opponent from destroying your monsters or dealing damage to your life points.

During a duel, you may find yourself without a monster to protect your life points, that’s why The Golden Apples is a great trap to get monsters onto your field and restore your life points. There’s one in the above recipe but you can easily have two in this deck.


What I love about the Volcanic archetype are the different ways to win in Duel Links. They are great at dealing effect damage while also having some amazing beatsticks in Volcanic Rocket, Hammerer and Doomfire.

This deck combines these two principles for winning by controlling the board. Use Blaze Accelerator early and often to clear your opponent’s field without activating “destroyed by battle” effects and deal effect damage (if you use Tri-Blaze).

Try out this Volcanic deck for Duel Links and let us know if you have any suggestions to improve on this deck recipe or if you had success using this archetype in the comments section below.

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