Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Challenge Solutions: Win Gravekeeper’s Vassal And More

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is coming to Japan in April Konami

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links , the Duel School teaches players some of the more intricate card combos that can be performed in the game. Duel Challenges added to the mobile game can teach certain combos as well as reward Gems and even exclusive cards.

From now until Feb. 5, Duel Links’ new Duel School Challenges will really test players’ knowledge of cards and game mechanics. Some of the exclusive cards to be won are really good (especially Gravekeeper’s Vassal) so duelists will definitely want to solve them.

Here are the solutions for every new Duel School Challenges in Duel Links. We will update with any new Challenges added.


Reward = 30 Gems

1. Activate Minoan Centaur’s effect and special summon Beaver Warrior and Battle Ox

2. Activate Unity and select Battle Ox

3. Activate Wild Nature’s Release and select Battle Ox

4. Attack with Beaver Warrior and then Battle Ox


Reward = Gravekeeper’s Vassal

1. Play Morale Boost

2. Tribute Woodland Sprite for Archfiend of Gilfer

3. Attack Master of Oz with Archfiend of Gilfer

4. Equip Gearfried the Iron Knight with Archfiend of Gilfer

5. Gearfried’s effect will destroy Archfiend of Gilfer, activating Morale Boost and Fire Princess’ effects

6. Continue to equip Gearfried with Archfiend of Gilfer to start the chain over again until opponent’s lifepoints hit zero


Reward = 30 Gems

1. Activate Harpie's Hunting Ground. (Don't Chain Powerful Rebirth)

2. Activate Powerful Rebirth summoning Harpie Dancer

3. Destroy Divine Wrath with the effect of Harpie's Hunting Ground

4. Activate Harpie Dancer's effect to return it to the hand then summon it back

5. Destroy Wild Tornado with the effect of Harpie's Hunting Ground

6. Destroy any Ojama with the effect of Wild Tornado

7. Activate Parallel Twister to destroy another Ojama (doesn't matter whether you send HHG or Powerful Rebirth)

8. Tribute summon Swift Birdman Joe (this will send one of your cards back to your hand)

9. Activate Tribute to The Doomed to destroy the last Ojama

10. Attack with Birdman for game


Reward = Dark Hunter

1. Summon Magician's Rod, activate effect and select Thousand Knives

2. Tribute Legion, the Fiend Jester and summon Dark Magician Girl

3. Use Legion's effect and select Dark Magician

4. Use Ancient Rules and special summon Dark Magician

5. Use Thousand Knives on enemy Dark Magician

6. Attack with Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl and Magician’s Rod


Reward = 50 Gems

1. Summon Trance Archfiend and use its effect to send Snoww,  Unlight of Dark World to the graveyard. Get Dark World Lightning with Snoww's effect. 

2. Activate Dark World Lightning, sending Ceruli, Guru of Dark World to the graveyard, to destroy Dark Coffin.

3. Use Ceruli's effect to send Broww, Huntman of Dark World to the graveyard and draw two cards.

4. Have Dark Coffin's effect send Trance Archfiend to the graveyard

5. Special Summon Dark Necrofear, removing the three fiends in your graveyard.

6. Activate Advance Draw to tribute Dark Necrofear to draw two cards and the rest of Exodia. 

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