Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: How To Unlock Dr. Crowler

Crowler can now be unlocked in Duel Links
Crowler can now be unlocked in Duel Links Konami

The latest update for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is live, and the popular mobile game has a new duelist for players to unlock. Dr. Crowler and his Ancient Gear cards will be making a splash in Duel Links in a brand new event that allows players to unlock the professor and grab some exclusive cards.

Players will be able to unlock Dr. Crowler starting Oct. 25 through Nov. 6, so there is plenty of time to get the new Legendary Duelist and his cards.

Here’s everything you need to know to unlock Dr. Crowler in Duel Links.


Unlocking Dr. Crowler in Duel Links is similar to other duelists in the past; players have to accumulate points by challenging the eccentric professor. The more you win against Crowler at higher levels (and achieve a high duel assessment), the faster you will unlock him.

Defeating other players will earn Academy Notebooks, used to take on Crowler in the Duel Gate. Winning duels will earn more Notebooks, and t daily objectives will also reward players with extra Notebooks.

Use these Notebooks to duel Crowler in the Duel Gate, starting at Level 10. Defeat Crowler at Level 10 to unlock Level 20 and so forth until you have unlocked Level 40. Every duel against Crowler will net a special multiplier based on the Level of Crowler, so the higher the level the bigger the point multiplier.

Accumulate points to earn gems, coins, keys, exclusive cards and Dr. Crowler. You’ll need 300,000 points to unlock the professor and access his deck filled with Ancient Gear cards.

However, what makes the Dr. Crowler event special are the daily missions duelists can complete by challenging Crowler. Three objectives will give more points in your Duel Assessment, which can net players a better chance to unlock Crowler’s card drops.

Here are all the cards Crowler can drop.

Crowler's drop rewards at Level 40
Crowler's drop rewards at Level 40 Konami

After unlocking Level 40 Crowler in the Duel Gate, a Level 50 Crowler will sometimes appear in the Duel World. This will net the largest multiplier and the highest chance for reward drops, but this deck will be very difficult to overcome.

Will you play it safe and continually defeat Crowler at Level 20 or below? Or will you go for the big multipliers? The choice is yours.

Have you been able to unlock Crowler in Duel Links yet? Let us know your deck of choice and if you’re liking the new duelist in the comments section below.

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