‘Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links’ Duelist Challenges Update: How To Solve Each Quiz

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'Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links' will come to mobile games in 2017. Konami

The latest update to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links brings Duelist Challenges, which are (essentially) a variation on Duel Quizzes. These new quizzes will gift duelists with rewards like new monster cards and gems that you’ll need to open new packs.

Completion of each quiz will give one reward depending on the Challenge you complete. There are six Duelist Challenges in all, with the last Challenge rewarding duelists with the new fusion monster, Skull Knight.

Some quick notes on the Duelist Challenges in Duel Links. First, you can only receive a reward for completion once. Also, Duel Quizzes do not count towards the completion of Stage Missions.

Here are the rewards for completing each Duelist Challenge.


Challenge #1 - 30 Gems

Challenge #2 - Ancient Brain

Challenge #3 - 40 Gems

Challenge #4 - Tainted Wisdom

Challenge #5 - 50 Gems

Challenge #6 - Skull Knight

However, not all of the Duelist Challenges are available after downloading the latest Duel Links update. The first two will be available, with the second opening up after you complete the first.

The subsequent Duelist Challenges will become available each day this week. You may need to complete the preceding Duelist Challenges to unlock them, it’s not entirely clear at this point. We’ll be sure to update when the new Challenges appear.

Here’s the complete schedule of the Duelist Challenges.


Challenge #3 - May 10

Challenge #4 - May 11

Challenge #5 - May 12

Challenge #6 - May 13

So how do you complete each of the Challenges? Like the Duel Quizzes, you’ll need to defeat your opponent in one turn. Some of the Challenges are pretty straightforward but others are more tricky.

Check out our step-by-step guide to completing each Duelist Challenge. We will update this when the other Challenges are unlocked.


Challenge #1

This one is rather simple, and focuses on summoning The Atmosphere to overcome Blue Eyes White Dragon. You start with three cards in your hand: The Atmosphere, Big Insect and the spell card, Multiplication of Ants.

Your opponent has 4000 lifepoints.

Step 1: Summon Big Insect (attack or defense mode, it doesn’t matter)

Step 2: Play Multiplication of Ants to tribute Big Insect and summon two insect tokens (battle position doesn’t matter).

Step 3: Special Summon The Atmosphere in attack mode by removing Big Insect from your graveyard and the two insect tokens on the field.

Step 4: Activate The Atmosphere’s effect to absorb Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Step 5: Attack directly and win.

Challenge #2

This Challenge can be a bit tricky because the two monsters in your hand have effects that revolve around equipping spell cards. If you choose the wrong one, you’ll fail.

In your hand you have Woodland Sprite, Vylon Charger and two Black Pendants. Your opponent has 2900 lifepoints.

Step 1: Summon Woodland Sprite in attack position.

Step 2: Equip both Black Pendants to Woodland Sprite.

Step 3: Use Woodland Sprite’s ability to send one Black Pendant to the graveyard to deal 500 points of effect damage. Black Pendant’s ability will activate once it’s sent to the graveyard inflicting another 500 points of damage.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3

Step 5: Attack directly with Woodland Sprite and win.

Challenge #3

The third Challenge revolves around Victory Viper XX03 and the use of its effects and spell card, Power Capsule. The opponent has 2000 life points and B.E.S. Big Core on the field. All you have in your hand is one Victory Viper and three Power Capsule.

Step 1: Summon Victory Viper XX03 in attack position.

Step 2: Play 1 Power Capsule to summon a token in attack position.

Step 3: Play another Power Capsule to summon another token in attack position.

Step 4: Play the third Power Capsule and increase your attack points of Victory Viper by 400 points.

Step 5: Attack Big Core with one of the tokens. Your token will be destroyed by Big Core will be destroyed by its own effect.

Step 6: Attack directly with Victory Viper and the other token and win.

Challenge #4

This Challenge revolves around summong Valkyrion the Magna Warrior, which is no easy feat. You and your opponent will start the quiz with 4000 lifepoints and the Tour Guide will have Big Koala in attack position on the field. 

Your hand consists of Alpha, Beta, Gamma the magnet warriors and Valkyrion. You also have the spell card Symbols of Duty.

Step 1: Special summon Valkyrion by sending Alpha, Beta and Gamma to the graveyard from your hand (battle position doesn't matter).

Step 2: Use Valkyrion's effect to tribute it and special summon Alpha, Beta and Gamme from your graveyard to the field in attack position.

Step 3: Activate Symbols of Duty to tribute Alpha from your field to special summon Valkyrion back to your field in attack position.

Step 4: Attack Big Koala with Valkyrion.

Step 5: Attack directly with Beta and Gamma to win.

Challenge #5

The fifth Challenge is a tricky one. Your opponent will have 1700 lifepoints remaining and Warrior Dai Grepher and Twin-Headed Fire Dragon in attack position. You have all 4000 lifepoints and a face down Rigorous Reaver and Empress Mantis. You also have Legion the Fiend Jester and Cosmo Queen in your hand.

Step 1: Summon Legion the Fiend Jester (battle position doesn't matter).

Step 2: Tribute summon Cosmo Queen using Legion the Fiend Jester and Empress Mantis as tributes.

Step 3: Flip Summon Rigorous Reaver and attack Warrior Dai Grepher.

Step 4: Attack Warrior Dai Grepher using Cosmo Queen.

Challenge #6

The final Challenge is a bit tricky but nothing too crazy. Your opponent has 4600 lifepoints and Sonic Duck on the field while you have 4000 lifepoints. In your hand is Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest, Yellow Baboon, Archer of the Forest and the spell card, Obedience Schooled. 

Step 1: Play Obedience Schooled to special summon Nimble Musasabi, Uniflora, Mystical Beast of the Forest and Rodenut in attack position.

Step 2: Tribute Summon Green Baboon by using Rodenuta and Uniflora as tributes in attack position.

Step 3: Attack Sonic Duck with Nimble Musasabi.

Step 4: Activate Nimble Musasabi's effect when it's destroyed to special summon two Nimble Musasabi's from your deck to your opponent's side of the field in attack position.

Step 5: Activate Yellow Baboon's effect to special summon it in attack position to your side of the field by removing Rodenuta and Uniflora from play.

Step 6: Attack the Nimble Musasabi's on your opponent's side of the field with Yellow and Green Baboon. 

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