XEL Update 1.0.5: Performance Improvement for Safe Haven and Bug Fixes

XEL Update 1.0.5
XEL Update 1.0.5 steam

XEL is a 3D sci-fi fantasy action-adventure game, and your goal is to uncover the character’s past. You can collect gadgets to clear dungeons and solve puzzles. Developer Tiny Roar recently released Update 1.0.5 for XEL, which improved performance in Safe Haven and introduced several bug fixes.

Performance Improved

In this update, there is only one performance improvement made, but it's significant. The developers tweaked Safe Haven to enhance FPS when you enter the area. The patch should smoothen your transition now to Safe Haven.

Bug Fixes

There are a plethora of bugs found in the game and the developers have fixed most of them. One such fix is for the issue related to the dialogs, where it continues playing in the background even when you leave into the main menu.

XEL Update 1.0.5

  • Fixed not being able to push box through door in science station.
  • Fixed a missing translation in the fast travel menu.
  • Fixed missing voice over in ending cutscene.
  • Fixed NPCs moving too slowly.
  • Fixed not being able to climb down ladder in Xelot-Base.
  • Fixed ladder not working near ice lake.
  • Fixed being able to cheese through the double battery doors.
  • Fixed Desmond sliding away too early after Elder meeting cutscene.
  • Fixed standing NPCs not rotating towards Reid.
  • Fixed zone not loading in Scorched Wastelands.
  • Fixed Reid being able to get stuck in the plateau in the Garden area.
  • Fixed falling through the floor in The Bog.
  • Fixed Reid getting stuck near the wooden walkways in the Garden.
  • Fixed instances of Desmond floating.
  • Fixed Reid being able to climb a tree in the Garden.
  • Fixed quest marker for “Missing Parts” leading to a closed door.
  • Fixed several localization issues.
  • Fixed Elder dialogue getting skipped prematurely.
  • Fixed some chests missing from certain areas.
  • Fixed snacks and gadgets not working after last update.
  • Fixed impossible jump in the Paradox area.
  • Fixed dodging into the elevator causing an overlap with cutscene.
  • Fixed Shirl kneeling when moving.
  • Fixed batteries being invisible after leaving a scene and returning.
  • Fixed broken equip buttons.
  • Fixed an instance of Reid getting stuck when following Desmond.
  • Fixed Reid falling through world near science station when jumping into ice lake.
  • Fixed missing Elder dialogue after returning from Scorched Wastelands.

You can read more about the update here.

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