Wyrdeer Ready to Make its Debut in Pokémon GO

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The Big Horn Pokémon is all set to make its Pokémon GO debut in raids. This is happening on Wyrdeer Raid Day which is on December 23 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., local time. Wyrdeer is appearing in three-star raids and trainers lucky may encounter a Shiny version.

For the duration of this event, trainers can enjoy these bonuses:

  • Wyrdeer appear more frequently in raids.
  • Trainers have an increased chance of encountering Shiny Wyrdeer.
  • Enjoy up to five additional daily Raid Passes from spinning Gym Photo Discs during the event and up to two hours afterward.
  • The Remote Raid Pass limit is increased to 10 from December 22 to December 23.

Winter Wonderland

If you think that's it, you'd be wrong. Trainers are also invited to be part of the Winter Wonderland event. It's going to be from December 22 at 10:00 a.m. to December 24 at 8:00 p.m. For this event trainers need to complete catch- and Evolution-focused Collection Challenges and inreturn get to receive an encounter with Wrydeer along with other rewards. There's also a complete the trade-focused Collection Challenge and in return get to receive an encounter with Psyduck wearing holiday attire and other rewards.

For this event, bonuses to be enjoyed include:

  • Up to five Special Trades can be made a day.
  • Trades made during the event needs 50% less Stardust.
  • 2× XP for winning Raid Battles.

Holiday Offer

The holidays are a great time to have fun. However, in Pokémon GO trainers get to enjoy more. That's because the limit on Pokémon and item storage limit capacity has both been expanded by 500. In particular, the Pokémon storage limit is now at 7,300 while the item capacity limit has been set to 6,300.

Ongoing Event

While waiting for these new events, you can join the Adamant Time Event which is now ongoing. This one started December 11 and ends December 15. Trainers are sure going to love the event bonus which is getting 3X XP for catching Pokémon.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to the game and join in on the fun. Pokémon GO is available to download free for mobile platforms via Google Play and App Store.

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