Dutch Cruisers Sail its Way to World of Warships

New warships are here.
New warships are here. Wargaming Gorup

Guess what’s sailing to World of Warships? It’s none other than the Dutch Cruisers. They arrive in the game courtesy of Update 0.10.6. That said, there are the usual visual and technical improvements.

Two Brawls

Before we go into the details of the new warships, two brawls have been scheduled:

  • Third Brawl
    • Duration: July 19 to July 26
    • Format: 3 vs. 3, playing Tier VII ships.
    • Restrictions: No more than one ship of each type per team.
  • Fourth Brawl
    • Duration: August 2 to August 9
    • Format: 3 vs. 3, playing Tier VI ships.
    • Restrictions:
      • No more than one ship of each type per team.
      • The ship-type compositions of each team won't necessarily mirror each other.

The rewards for each Brawl are:

  • Up to 10,000 Coal
  • 2,250,000 Credits
  • 80,000 Elite Commander XP
  • 76 combat and economic signals

The Dutch are Here

The main feature of this branch is that the ships have good concealment and maneuverability. However, they don’t have a great firing range.

The Tier VIII–X cruisers of this branch are armed with main battery guns with calibers:

  • VIII Haarlem: 203 mm
  • IX Johan de Witt: 240 mm
  • X Gouden Leeuw: 283 mm

At higher tiers, the cruisers have solid armor which offers good protection against HE shells. In addition, beginning from Tier IV, players can get the Hydroacoustic Search, Fighter, and Spotting Aircraft consumables.

New Armament

There’s also a new Airstrike armament for ships from Tier VI.

This new armament allows players to call in aircraft to bombard a specified area with HE bombs. The bombs using Airstrike have drogue parachutes that can slow their descent.

New Tokens

Besides the new cruisers, the update introduces a new temporary resource known as Dutch Tokens. These Tokens are also obtained from random bundles available for Doubloons, free daily bundles, and even bundles available in exchange for Community Tokens in the Armory.

The Dutch Tokens can be used to buy bundles that include:

  • IV De Ruyter, VI Kijkduin, VIII Haarlem with Commanders and Port slots.
  • Permanent camouflages for VII Eendracht, VIII Haarlem, IX Johan de Witt, and X Gouden Leeuw.

Learn more about Update 0.10.6 here.

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