World of Warships Testing Submarines Again for a Limited Time

Dive. Dive. Dive.
Dive. Dive. Dive. Wargaming

World of Warships offers players the chance to experience what naval battle is all about. So far it’s been mostly about ships and aircraft, but that doesn’t mean the fight won’t get underwater.

Actually, that has long been the plan when submarines were first introduced in 2019. Back then, it went through three testing phases with the main server even offering Submarine Battles temporarily. Another testing was conducted in October 2020 on a separate server.

If you’re one of those who missed that, then good news for a new round of testing is heading your way. It’s starting today, June 10, and ending June 15.

The dev team revealed that they used feedback and statistics to make changes for the new beta test. These include:

  • Diving controls updated along with the torpedo setting and sonar ping machines.
  • Skills and upgrades have been added.
  • Battery change has been replaced with dive capacity.

New Testing

This new round of testing is only available during Prime Time. The reason is to lower the number of bots in battles and get the maximum number of real players at one time. The Prime Times are:

  • 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET
  • 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. ET

In addition, only Random Battles are available playing Tier VI and X ships. During testing, all Tier VI researchable ships and a container will be credited to the player’s account. It’s going to offer everyone a chance to get a random Tier VI submarine. For those not lucky enough to get it, they need to earn 4,000 Base XP to get two Tier VI submarines.

By June 12, all Tier VI ships will be removed and replaced with Tier X. This time, the drop is going to be a random Tier X submarine and players can earn Tier X submarines by finishing a combat mission chain.

How to Join

To be part of this new test, follow these steps:

  • Complete the Steam World of Warships account.
    • You need to have a linked email address and password.
    • You can do it inside the game or here using your Steam account.
  • Install Wargaming Game Center
  • Log into WGC using the email and password used.
    • Be sure to choose the right server/region from the dropdown menu.
  • ​Once you’re in the Wargaming Game Center, go to the World of Warships tab.
  • Open the “Game Settings” menu and select “Install additional game instance.”
  • Select World of Warships TST.
    • This can be found in the upper-left corner of the screen that appears.
    • Start the installation process by selecting the installation folder.

Learn more about this new test here.

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