World of Warships: Legends March Update Brings New Ships and Soviet Carriers

World of Warships: Legends March Update
World of Warships: Legends March Update Wargaming Studios

The March update for World of Warships: Legends has finally arrived. This patch brings new ships and soviet carriers that you can get right away. Also, the new Gold Runner campaign rewards you with an American Tier VII destroyer once completed. Read further to learn more.

New Campaign

The Gold Runner campaign gives you the traditional 100 milestones in five weeks. The headliner here is the Tier VII Somers - a speedy ship equipped with eight rapid-reloading guns and up to 12 torpedoes.

When you have the Admiralty Backing enabled, the total value of the rewards is 67,790 Doubloons. Here is the full rundown:

  • 75x Rare Boosters
  • 20x Type 1 camouflages
  • 20x Type 2 camouflages
  • 20x Type 3 camouflages
  • 14x “Red, White, and Blue” camouflages
  • 140,000 Commander XP
  • 2,600,000 credits
  • 27,500 Global XP
  • 26x Promotion Orders
  • 3x Insignias
  • 3x Commendations
  • 750 doubloons
  • 6x Winter Big crates
  • American Tier VII destroyer Somers

It is important to note that you need to complete all of the weekly tasks this time. The developers are also going to add a set of “hardmode” missions each week for those who are up for the challenge.

Tier VII Somers
Tier VII Somers Wargaming Studios


  • Tier IV Hill
  • Tier VI Tiger ‘59
  • Tier VII Champagne
  • Tier III Komsomolets
  • Tier V Serov
  • Tier VII Pobeda
  • American Tier III Langley
    • Damage from both dive and torpedo bombers increased by 5%
    • Their speed increased by 10 kts
  • Japanese Tier VII Shōkaku
    • Concealment for dive bombers improved to 7.5 km
    • Aircraft restoration time for stock dive bombers increased to 70 seconds
    • Aircraft restoration time for upgraded dive bombers decreased to 65 seconds
  • British Tier III Hermes
    • Maximum bomb damage increased to 3,200
    • Maximum torpedo damage increased to 5,633
    • Speed for torpedo bombers increased by 5 kts
    • Torpedo arming time reduced to 3 seconds
    • Torpedo speed increased to 40 kts
    • Torpedo spotting range increased by about 15%
  • Soviet Tier VI Minsk
    • Upgraded artillery preset reload time changed to 4 seconds
    • Reload time for both torpedo presets changed from 101 to 110 seconds for stock; from 98 to 110 seconds for upgraded
  • Pan-Asian Tier VII Hsienyang
    • Torpedo range increased to 10 km
    • Maximum torpedo damage increased to 18,000 for upgraded torpedoes
  • A bug that caused the returning speed of squadrons to be the same as their speed before returning has been fixed. The returning speed of squadrons is now constant
  • Fixed an issue that caused background images in the mission cards to sometimes not refresh quickly enough when players switched from one to another
  • Fixed a bug that caused Grumman TBF planes' glass surfaces to strobe when the planes took off
  • Moving a ship onto a terrain on the Neighbors map should now be significantly more difficult
St. Patrick's Day 2022
St. Patrick's Day 2022 Wargaming Studios

The game will also release St. Patrick’s Day 2022 content starting March 14. You can read the full details on World of Warships: Legends’ official website.

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