World of Warships: Legends February Update Introduces Pride of Prussia Campaign

World of Warships: Legends February Update
World of Warships: Legends February Update Wargaming Studio

Tons of new content can be yours, thanks to the February update for World of Warships: Legends. It introduces the Pride of Prussia campaign that rewards a premium Tier VII German battleship - the Brandenburg. The developers have also revealed the third wave of goodies from their collaboration with Azur Lane.

New Campaign

The Pride of Prussia campaign is here. About 100 milestones can be accomplished over five weeks and new missions will be available every week. The catch-up mechanic is enabled as well. So if you miss any of the weekly missions, you can still complete them within the said time frame.

As always, it is beneficial for you to get the Admiralty Backing for 2,500 Doubloons. That is because you not only gain better rewards across the board but you are also guaranteed the German Tier VII battleship Brandenburg.

Reinforcements are Coming

Azur Lane Content Third Wave
Azur Lane Content Third Wave Wargaming Studio

The third wave of Azur Lane content will arrive on February 7. The latest batch includes the following:

  • Three ships
  • Three new skins
  • Six Commanders with unique voice overs
  • A couple of new flags
  • Commander range that includes:
    • Eagle Union: U.S. Montpelier
    • Sakura Empire: Japan Azuma, Shoukaku, and Yukikaze
    • Northern Parliament: Soviet Union Avrora
    • Sardegna Empire: Italy Littorio

More information about the newest part of this collaboration will be revealed soon.

New Ships

Huanghe Tier V Premium Cruiser
Huanghe Tier V Premium Cruiser Wargaming Studio

Aside from the Brandenburg, two new ships have been added. The first is the Huanghe - a Pan-Asian Tier V premium cruiser equipped with 152-mm guns and torpedoes that can sink enemy ships within range. It comes with a wide array of consumables, including the Smoke Generator, Torpedo Reload Booster, and Defensive Anti-Air (AA) Fire, among others.

The next one is the Italian Tier VI heavy cruiser, the Gorizia. While it lacks torpedoes due to the Washington Naval Treaty, it is still quite a versatile ship. It has a lot of armor and access to some nifty consumables, such as the Sonar, Catapult Fighter, Exhaust Smoke Generator, and the Defensive Anti-Air Fire.

These ships are available on their own or as part of the XXL bundles.

Balancing Changes

  • Main battery reload time decreased to 4.6 seconds
  • Fire-setting chances for High-explosive (HE) shells increased to 12%
  • HE shell penetration increased to 30 mm
  • Turning circle radius decreased to 740 meters
  • Radar reload time decreased to 120 seconds
  • Shell grouping increased by 2.5%
  • Main battery shell dispersion circle increased to about 12% on average. This is less dramatic than it looks, with the biggest accuracy hit coming at shorter distances
  • AP shell armor-piercing decreased by 0.5%
  • Shell grouping increased by 2.5
  • Tier VI Yorck
    • Main battery reload time decreased to 10 seconds
    • AP shell maximum damage increased to 6,000

You can learn more about this update on the game’s official website.

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