World of Warships: Legends Holiday Update Introduces Minotaur Legendary Cruiser

World of Warships Legends Holiday Update
World of Warships Legends Holiday Update Wargaming Studio

World of Warships: Legends has received its Holiday Update that introduced a new campaign where you will have a chance to get a new Legendary Ship. In addition, you’ll be able to rent previous Legendary Ships using credits.

New Campaign

Theseus’ Bane is the game’s latest limited-time campaign, running from December 20 to January 31. That is about six weeks’ worth of missions and 130 levels of progression.

The best prize that you can get from the campaign is the British Legendary Cruiser, Minotaur. Armed with a powerful anti-air suite, this ship can take out enemies quickly thanks to its anti-piercing shells and short reload time. Furthermore, you can choose between its Smoke Generator and Radar capabilities, so you can assist your team in more ways than one.

As always, you should enable Admiralty Backing so that you can get rewards with a total value of 80,638. Some of the things that you can get are 30 Rare Boosters, 750 doubloons, 15 Secret Santa ‘22 crates, and of course, the mighty Minotaur.

Rent a Ship

The Colbert
The Colbert Wargaming Studio

During the holidays, you can start renting Legendary ships through Store Bundles. There are three groups of ships to choose from. They are:

Task Force I (December 20 to January 31)
  • Alaska
  • Shimakaze
  • Großer Kurfürst
  • Khabarovsk
Task Force II (January 3 to January 31)
  • Gearing
  • Worcester
  • Yamato
  • Conqueror
Task Force III (January 17 to January 31)
  • Montana
  • Stalingrad
  • Kléber

Named after a famous XVII century French Statesman, the Colbert is a bonus rentable Legendary ship starting January 17. The devs plan on assigning this ship to the Bureau in the future, but its stats are likely to change before that happens.

The Lion

The Lion Battleship
The Lion Battleship Wargaming Studio

Developed in line with the King George V class, the Lion is a bigger battleship equipped with huge 406-mm guns and better armor. To get this behemoth, you will need to spend 25,000 Winter Coins.

Now, you might be asking how you can get the said currency. You can get them in numerous ways. For example, you can complete the “Escaping the Labyrinth” weekly mission using the Minotaur. Doing so yields a boatload of Winter Coins.

Alternatively, you can get Winter Coins by redeeming Windrose bonuses, dominating the Arena, or through specific crate bundles.

What can you say about the new ships, especially the Lion and the Minotaur?

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