World of Warships: Legends "Dragon's Breath" Update Adds More Ships; Introduces Deepwater Torpedoes

World of Warships: Legends Dragon's Breath Update
World of Warships: Legends Dragon's Breath Update Wargaming Studios

A new update for World of Warships: Legends has arrived. The Dragon’s Breath update brings new Pan-Asian ships and commanders. It also introduces two Bureaus where you will have a chance to get a massive battleship.

The Pan-Asian Navy

A new branch of Pan-Asian destroyers has arrived in World of Warships: Legends. It starts with the Tier I Shi An (American Cruiser Chester) and ends with the Tier VII Hsienyang. The progression is as follows:

  • Tier I: Shi An
  • Tier II: Phra Ruang
  • Tier III: Shenyang
  • Tier IV: Jianwei
  • Tier V: Fushun
  • Tier VI: Gadjah Mada
  • Tier VII: Hsienyang

Along with new destroyers are two new commanders - each with different traits. The first is Sa Zhenbing who has the base trait: Tin Opener. This effectively increases your destroyer’s AP shell ricochet angle by up to eight. This is useful against enemy ships that take up angled positions.

Dang Shichang is the second commander of the Pan-Asian navy and his base trait, Quantum of Solace, increases torpedo damage and destroyer concealment by up to three percent.

Both Zhenbing and Shichang have the Knuckle Duster as their fourth-row skill. This increases the damage you deal to an enemy’s ship and rudders by up to 40%. Furthermore, this helps reduce the chance of your torpedoes being detected by as far as 100 meters, though this comes at the cost of up to 10% reduced damage.

The new line of destroyers brings a new mechanic: the deepwater torpedoes. These torpedoes can go beneath most ships other than destroyers, which means they only affect ships with deeper drafts. They deal heavy damage and are perfect for flooding any hulls.

Also, both Tier VI Gadjah Mada and Tier VII Hsienyang ships not only can turn 90-degrees easily, but they also trade their Smoke Generators in favor of Radars - making you spot enemies on demand.

Two Bureaus

Two new projects are available to you in the Dragon’s Breath update. The first rewards you with a massive battleship known as the Legendary Tier USN BB Montana, which offers a 4x3 gun configuration and robust torpedo protection.

The Dragon Fleet Project gives you a haul of Commander Progression items. If you invest your resources into the new Pan-Asian navy branch, you will receive a boost as well.

If you have an active Premium Account, you do not have to choose which project to take as you can run both of them at the same time.

You can head to the game’s official website if you want to learn more.

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