World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Expansion Introducing Adventures

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Adventures are coming.
Adventures are coming. Blizzard

If you’re excited for the new Shadowlands expansion coming to World of Warcraft, then this should amp things up. There’s going to be a new feature known as Adventures, which should put everyone’s tactical skills to the test. This new feature is going to offer combat puzzles that players need to be strategic about when solving them. That’s not all, as players can also check in on, and even continue, their Adventures offline through the WoW Companion App.

Here’s how it works. Players first need to join their chosen Covenant. After that, they can then pick out Adventures through the dedicated table within their Sanctum. Through this interface, players can take a look at what Adventures are available, the associated rewards, cost to take them on, the state of the player’s units, and the enemies within that adventure. To be able to deal with the threats, players must come up with a party of up to five units.

Choose your allies battles.
Choose your allies battles. Blizzard

Each Covenant is going to have 15 unique allies which include the Soulbinds that players meet. Six Adventurers can be recruited through Renown and then another six can be rescued within Torghast, Tower of the Damned. Then there are also four universal Adventurers that can be recruited within Torghast. This means that players have up to 19 potential allies. As allies go through the different challenges, they get stronger, thus allowing them to take on more challenging Adventures, which hand out better rewards.

If you have trouble imagining what this is all about, it looks like it’s going to similar to an auto battler. Think Auto Chess.

In Adventures, it’s important to keep in mind that positioning matters, especially when preparing for enemies. Players need to place their Adventurers in order to take on enemies. For example, the toughest ones should be placed out front. Meanwhile, the ranged ones should go in the back so the damage to them is minimized.

Study before the next battle.
Study before the next battle. Blizzard

Once an Adventure is completed, players can check out the results through a replay of the battle. Thus, players can see which units performed and which ones need to be repositioned. Players can also make the decision to exclude some units in future fights. Those who manage to win can collect earned rewards like pets, mounts, gold, and Anima, among others.

What do you think of Adventures? Are you excited to check them out in the Shadowlands expansion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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