World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: Here’s What You Can Expect In Revendreth

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Time to learn a little about Shadowlands.
Time to learn a little about Shadowlands. Blizzard

World of Warcraft is all set to release what could be its largest expansion with Shadowlands. If you’ve been following WoW, this expansion is the result of Sylvanas Windrunner tearing apart what divided life and death. Shadowlands has four zones and today we look into what players can expect in Revendreth.

Revendreth is composed of seven unique districts, with each one being ruled over by a Harvester. These are powerful Venthyr that have been holding everything in place since the creation. The entire Revendreth, meanwhile, is watched over by Sire Denathrius, who also rules the Venthyr.

So what happens in Revendreth? Well, all souls that are sent here receive what is known as a Sinstone. Any misdeeds that the souls have committed while alive are inscribed in this tombstone, which also bears their name.

As to what you can expect, Revendreth has different and interesting inhabitants. These are:

  • Venthry
    • These are the punishers of the unworthy souls sent by the Arbiter who seek to rehabilitate these souls. Souls that are rehabilitated get sent to another realm or get to choose to be a Venthyr and continue the cycle.
  • Stone Legion
    • These are beings that have been carved by the Stonewright and then infused with anima. There are three types:
      • Stoneborn
        • These are gargoyles that fight off anything they consider as enemies of the Venthyr. They use their martial weapon skills or utilize their unmatched mobility to outflank any enemy.
      • Gargons
        • These beings are the ones assigned to prowl the streets of Revendreth and maintain order.
      • Dredbarts
        • These ones patrol the skies and are the ones that alert the Stoneborn to attack any intruders.
  • Dredger
    • These are the workforce of the district and do menial tasks like sweeping floors. They are willing to sacrifice themselves to serve as entertainment.
  • Sire Denathrius
    • The Master of Revendreth and the one responsible for creating the Venthyr.
  • Prince Renathal
    • He was the first Venthyr created by Denathrius. However, all that changed when the anima dried up. He was convinced that Denthrius was responsible for the drought and managed to rally enough forces to lead a rebellion in hopes of replacing his Master.
  • General Draven
    • Formerly a leader of the Stoneborn, he has since allied himself with Renathal.

Revendreth is but a part of Shadowlands. There’s no question that this is going to be a big expansion. We’ll keep you updated as any news is released. Until then, what are you excited about when it comes to Shadowlands?

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