World Of Warcraft Companion App Includes Shadowlands Adventure Management

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Keep track of your adventures.
Keep track of your adventures. Blizzard

World of Warcraft is expected to released its latest Shadowlands expansion later this year. Once it’s launched, there’s going to be new challenges to face for all players. However, even the most dedicated of players can’t be in front of their PCs every moment of every day. In order to make sure that you can stay on top of everything that’s happening in this new area, there's the WoW Companion App.

The app is available to download right now, but doesn't have Shadowlands features just yet. You can find the WoW Companion App on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store on Android.

With this mobile app, players can plan and manage their Shadowlands adventures. With the new Adventures feature, players can delve into their role as a member of one of the four Covenants which are Kyrian, Necrolord, Night Fae, and Venthyr. With the app, players can do these things:

  • Start and Complete Adventures
    • Players can view all the Adventures available to their character and the associated rewards.
    • Players can then set Adventurers to undertake them.
  • Manage Your Adventurers
    • Players can view their Adventurers and their status before they send them on their next Adventure.
  • View Callings Quests
    • Players can view active Callings Quests and available rewards from directly within the app to help plan their exploits for when they’re in the game.

It’s not all Shadowlands as players can also use the app for other expansions, which includes:

  • Battle for Azeroth
    • Track World Quests
      • With the app players can view active World Quests, emissary bounties, and available rewards and then plan their adventures for when they’re in the game.
    • Manage Your Missions
      • Send champions and troops out on missions for your faction, all while you’re on the go.
      • Collect rewards from completed missions, manage your champions, upgrade their gear, and recruit troops for future missions.
    • Fuel the War Campaign
      • Conduct research to unlock upgrades and track the status of your War Talent Tree, maintaining the momentum of your in-game progress.
  • Legion
    • Explore World Quests
      • Players can view active World Quests available for their character and the available rewards from directly within the app.
      • Players can then plan their adventures for when they’re in game.
    • Manage Followers
      • Players can view their Followers and manage their equipment and upgrades.
    • Train Recruits
      • Players can select the troops they’d like to train and send them on missions with their Followers.
    • Start and complete Missions
      • Players can view all Missions available to their character, the associated rewards, and the set their Followers and troops out to undertake them.
    • Research Order Hall upgrades
      • Players can upgrade their Order Hall Upgrades or change ones they’ve previously selected.
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