World Of Tanks Console Celebrates Halloween With Monsters Awakened

Time to battle.
Time to battle. Wargaming

What happens when you turn a tank into a monster? You’ll probably end up in the fight of your life. It’s time to decimate the battlefield as World of Tanks Console is introducing Monsters Awakened.

Starting yesterday, October 27, and running until November 3, players get to command tanks with supernatural abilities. To join this new mode, simply select the event from the main menu.

During this event, players that have a Monster Tank get the awakened version of it in their Garages. Monster Tanks can be earned through the Monster Hunter Challenge or simply purchased. Those who don’t have a Monster Tank have no reason to worry, since they get access to the Spectre tank for the duration of the event. You can view the complete list of Monster Tanks here.

Players can then take their Monster tanks to battle on two Halloween maps, which are Grim Graveyard and Dead City. Here tanks are not only able to use their full powers, but also have attacks and abilities not seen in regular battles. The battles are 7v7 matches, so it should be really interesting. If that’s not enough to excite you, this mode also offers free ammunition and repairs. While free XP can’t be earned, players can still earn XP and silver.

So what do players get for playing this limited time mode? For starters, all Monster Tanks playing in this new mode get a 300% Crew XP Bonus. In addition, players can also use a crew coming from any nation. There’s also some exciting rewards that can be earned through Monster Drops. However, Monster Drops can only be earned for players that bought a Monster Tank through the store.

Creepy Contest

It’s not all fights as there’s also the Monsters Awakened Mode Contest which starts today, October 28, and ends on November 3. Players can take the spookiest screenshot of their awakened Monster Tank and send it in via email for a chance to win some treats.

Here are all the official contest details:

  • One entry per player only
  • Restricted to Monsters Awakened Mode
  • The photo must clearly show an awakened monster tank.
    • Ideally in a way that keeps everyone up at night.
  • Entries must be submitted through email to
    • Deadline for entries is on November 3.

Winners are going to be announced on November 6. The prizes are:

  • Five winners receive:
    • The World of Tanks Hot Wheels Dreadful Duo bundle.
      • Featuring the Dread Dozer M48A2 Räumpanzer and Fangula AE Phase 1 tanks.
  • Three winners receive:
    • Three Hot Wheels Chests
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