World of Tanks Blitz: Update 8.2 Introduces Ghost Factory and Updated Interface

Update 8.2 Ghost Factory Map
Update 8.2 Ghost Factory Map Steam

A new update for World of Tanks Blitz introduces a new map, balances certain tanks, improves interface, and more.

Ghost Factory

A place riddled with industrial vehicles, hills, and an abandoned factory, the Ghost Factory is the newest map you can explore. It is so big that the devs consider it as a “map inside a map.”

Balance Changes and the Economy

There are times where players would just go idle and do not actively engage in combat. To penalize their lack of effort, such players will no longer receive any credits and XP after the battle.

The credit economy has also been refined. This is to help make the research process more balanced while minimizing the blow of defeat by not amplifying the negative credit balance per battle.

As such, players will no longer have to pay for the repair costs of Tier I to Tier VI vehicles as the repairs are free of charge. In addition, Tier I to Tier V vehicles, as well as select Tier VI to Tier VII vehicles, will have their standard and high-explosive (HE) shells replenished for free.

The developers have also made some balance changes to Tier X vehicles. For instance, Object 263’s HP is increased by 100, in addition to increased armor on the sides. The traverse speed is also increased, though its firing accuracy is reduced.

Updated Interface

Those who want to purchase items in the in-game store will be happy to know that the interface has improved dramatically.

Now, the item cards are larger and bundle contents are rife with information so you can make that purchase decision.

Also, players will no longer have to painstakingly open tons of daily containers since all of them can now be opened in one go.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Here are some highlights of the bug fixes and improvements that are introduced in Update 8.2:

  • An effect that shows the battle result ("Victory", "Defeat", "Draw") and a corresponding note ("All tanks destroyed", "Base captured", etc.) was introduced.
  • The line of accumulative avatars for Rating Battles was extended. Now, each league has 6 levels.
  • Changes were made to the contents of the Basic Day's Supply and Standard Day's Supply containers. Instead of certificates for purchasing a Tier VI Premium tank, certificates for purchasing Premium tanks of other tiers will now drop from these containers more often.
  • Some parameters were changed for the Improved Engine Power Boost consumable. Now, it increases engine power by 40%, turn rate by 5%, and maximum forward speed by 5 km/h.

If you want to know more information about the update, visit the game’s official Steam page.

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