World of Tanks: Get Ready for Battle Pass Season IX

The last for the year.
The last for the year. Wargaming

Attention Commanders! The final Battle Pass of the year for World of Tanks is almost here. Battle Pass Season IX starts from September 8 until November 29. There are three Chapters available, and players can choose which one they want to start. They then complete Stages one at a time and, in return, get rewards.

For this upcoming season, the rewards include the progressive 3D styles for the Season IX Core Vehicles, which are:

  • Bernard 3D style for the 60TP Lewandowskiego.
    • Turns this tough tank into a truly stylish moving stronghold.
  • Cesare 3D style for the Progetto M40 mod. 65.
    • Makes this sharpshooter look even sharper.
  • Le Vizir 3D style for the AMX 13 105.
    • Gives this nimble-yet-dangerous reconnaissance vehicle a hi-tech visual upgrade.

Crew Members

Three skilled crew members will join your side after you finish their respective Chapters in Battle Pass Season IX. Each is inspired by heroic tales from 20th-century history. They are:

  • Marco Ingannamorte
  • Józef Matijewski
  • Isabelle Norette

Reworked Personal Reserves

The upcoming Battle Pass is set to make changes to the mechanics and UI of Personal Reserves, with the highlights being:

  • All Personal Reserves have a duration of one hour.
  • Personal Reserves for Crew XP and Free XP are merged into a single combined type.
  • Along with the three types of Personal Reserves, there are two grades of bonuses:
    • Standard (+50% to XP/+50% to credits/+200% to Crew and Free XP).
    • Improved (+100% to XP/+100% to credits/+300% to Crew and Free XP).
  • The newly-issued Standard Personal Reserves, including those from Season IX Base Rewards, will have an expiration date.
    • The Improved Personal Reserves won’t have an expiration date.

In a post, the development team revealed that once the new mechanics are introduced, all Personal Reserves on a player’s account will be converted into the new reserves at no loss of value. The Personal Reserves collected as Season IX Base Rewards before the implementation of the new mechanics won’t have expiration dates after being converted. In addition, Personal Reserves that come as Improved Rewards won’t have expiration dates ever.

Check out the complete details of the Battle Pass here.

World of Tanks is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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