World of Tanks: A Lot of Events Coming Soon

Prepare for a lot of events.
Prepare for a lot of events. Wargaming

Summer has arrived in World of Tanks and several events are planned for everyone to enjoy. From July to August, players can experience a total of five events.

Let's start with July and the arrival of a new Global Map event which is the Iron Age. That means it's time once again for the powerful clans to fight and show who's the boss while earning rewards like the Tier X vehicles. Later this week, the game is celebrating the historic moment when man first landed on the moon; there will be in-game missions along with space-themed rewards.

When August rolls in, World of Tanks is going to celebrate its 12th anniversary. To get all Commanders in a festive mood, there will be a beach party, gifts, and exciting adventures. In the same month, players can expect to see the second launch of Frontline 2022. This epic mode continues with the main principles present in the first launch. However, to make things more exciting, the progression system has been adjusted while some of the balance parameters were changed. Of course, more rewards have been added.

Players can also look forward to the release of the Battle Pass Season VIII, which comes with valuable Base and Improved Rewards. These include the unique Warhammer 40,000-themed 3D styles.

What do you think of all these events?

New Update

Update 1.18 is coming after these events are over. While waiting, players can now enjoy Update 1.17.1. It highlights Frontline which comes with these changes:

  • The number of Frontline Tiers increased from 15 to 20. The number of Battle Pass Points that can be earned within the progression was increased.
  • ​The number of Combat Reserve Points that can be earned and the cost of the Reserves themselves were adjusted.
  • A selected Combat Reserve can be set for all vehicles of the same type.
  • The preparation time for Combat Reserves was reduced:
    • The start timer for Combat Reserves was reduced by 50%.
    • The timer is set to 0 when unlocking a new Combat Reserve.
    • The timer is set to 0 when respawning in a new vehicle.
  • Retraining Orders were added. These are special rewards within the mode that allow players to reset crew skills/perks for free.
  • New rewards were added, as well as the ability to select them.
  • These rental vehicles were added:
    • Tiger II FL
    • T-44 FL
    • AMX AC mle. 48 FL
    • M41 Walker Bulldog FL
  • Several balancing changes were added.
  • The sound component was improved:
    • New sounds were added.
    • Commands and voiceovers were updated.
  • The interface was improved.

You can view the changes done with 1.17.1 here.

World of Tanks is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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