World of Tanks Art of Strategy Event Starts Thursday

Prepare for the new event.
Prepare for the new event. Wargaming

Attention Commanders! The Art of Strategy event for World of Tanks starts Thursday, April 21. In this one, players can look forward to experiencing new and unique mechanics. There are four consecutive Progression Stages to go through and daily missions to complete to earn rewards. The event ends on May 4.

Battles in this event have players use Tier X vehicles which take place in two formats:

  • 1v7 format
    • Seven Tankers fight against one Strategist who commands seven AI-controlled vehicles in real-time.
    • For combat, the Strategist also selects three (out of six) types of defenses.
  • 1v1 format
    • In this duel, two Strategists fight for supremacy.
    • Both players start on an equal footing with seven AI-controlled vehicles each.
    • Before battle, both Strategists can deploy three types of defenses to pre-arranged positions.

Be a Strategist

For players who want to take on the role of a Strategist, they first need to prove themselves as a Tanker and a certain amount of in-game currency, which are Intel and Orders. For the two formats:

  • 1v7 format
    • Players need 100 Intel to play as a Strategist.
  • 1v1 format
    • Players need to have 100 Orders to fight against another Strategist.

General Rules

For those who want to know more about this event, here are the general rules:

  • The Strategist has a squad of seven AI-controlled Tier X vehicles under their command.
    • They can fight without directly controlling each vehicle, but if they do not set Stances or issue the appropriate commands, they won’t be victorious.
    • The Strategist also sets routes for their vehicles, watching the battlefield from a bird's-eye view and moving freely over the map.
  • Strategists have auxiliary defenses at their disposal.
    • These cannot be controlled directly.
    • Their positions are fixed, and they act as independent combat units.
  • During the countdown before battle, which is 60 seconds, the Strategist should deploy their vehicles and defenses at the pre-arranged key positions on the map or use the auto-deploy function.
    • For those who run out of time for deployment, the system deploys the remaining units automatically.
    • At any time, the Strategist can assume control of any vehicle in their squad and command it individually.
  • In each battle, the Tanker team and the Strategist earn credits, depending on the battle outcome and their personal performance.

If you’re excited to join this event, learn more about it here. World of Tanks is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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