The Witcher Pilot On Netflix Is Complete

The Witcher 3 CD Projekt Red

Not only was CD Projeckt Red’s The Witcher 3 far and away my favorite game of 2016, it  encouraged me to delve into the source material; Andrzej Sapkowski's popular horror fantasy novels, of which the games remain fairly faithful. I highly recommend the novels—they’re engaging but digestible episodic reads with a great sense of humor.

It’s been sometime since Netflix made announcement of an adaption of these stories, but it looks like the project is finally making some headway. Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, who serves as a writer and producer of the high concept fantasy series, took to Twitter to reveal that the pilot episode has been completed.

Despite the massive popularity of The Witcher series the show is reported to take much more inspiration from the series of novels, with Sapkowski having a much more hands on role with the upcoming show than he did with the games. Sapowski writes: ”I’m thrilled that Netflix will be doing an adaptation of my stories, staying true to the source material and the themes that I have spent over thirty years writing. I’m excited about our efforts together, as well as the team assembled to shepherd these characters to life.”


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