Witch It Update 1.3.5: Year of the Rabbit and Valentines 2023!

Witch It Update 1.3.5
Witch It Update 1.3.5 Steam

Witch It recently received an update that introduced four new action props, along with a special “Year of the Rabbit” player icon, and several changes and fixes.

Four New Action Props and More Switchables

The developer introduced four new action props, Firecracker, Bomb, Confetti Cannon, and Rabbit Firework, which can be activated by selecting the "prop action" button. These action props are also switchable in creative mode that enables players to hook up items, such as fireworks and explosives, to pressure pads and levers.

Year of the Rabbit Player Icon

The latest update includes a limited-time "Year of the Rabbit" player icon. To earn this icon, players are required to play at least one round of Witch It on an official server during the special Chinese New Year 2023 event. This means that the icon is no longer obtainable after this special event ends, so don’t forget to get it!

Witch It Update 1.3.5

  • Added: 3 new Chinese New Year themed skin items.
  • Added: 3 new Valentine’s Day themed skin items.
  • Added: New pirate-themed scenery to Twin Mask Theater.
  • Added: New popups informing the player about data privacy when opening the Server List and a Custom Game for the first time.
  • Changed: All action props are now switchable.
  • Changed: Clock props are now sound action props and show time progress during the Seek Phase.
  • Changed: Regular spectators can no longer toss potatoes in Imposturous.
  • Changed: Set a minimum player number to Imposturous Mode (currently 4).
  • Fixed: Imposturous matches being shown as having a fixed duration in server list.
  • Fixed: Rotation speed of targets in Imposturous shooting range task.
  • Fixed: Hunters not having the default potato in Imposturous Mode.
  • Fixed: Target of a kick vote is not notified they are being kicked.
  • Fixed: Opening the menu while looking at the map in imposturous mode breaks the UI and input.
  • Fixed: Cannon no longer being usable in Custom Maps if fired and saved in Creative Mode.
  • Fixed: Cannon Balls spawned by shooting a Cannon in Creative Mode not included in prop amount.
  • Fixed: Creative Mode maps with a prop kill zone having non-editable props for clients if those are placed within the prop kill zone.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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