Winkeltje: The Little Shop March 16 Update - UI Fixes, Crafting Station Changes, and More

Winkeltje: The Little Shop
Winkeltje: The Little Shop steam

Winkeltje: The Little Shop developer, Sassybot, released a new update that fixed bugs and made some balancing changes. The progress for the crafting station has changed where players can unlock the first station at level five. But succeeding stations are now unlockable every five levels, instead of the previous every three levels.

The developers have also fixed some UI issues. They added a delay on the main menu so that it doesn’t mess with the scene fading in. Inventory capacity HUD now remains visible even if it is empty. Check out the details below:


  • Community (UI): The crafting and farming menus now have permanent side menus.
  • Community (Balance): Decorations that can be placed outside and inside now have different appeal values depending on where they are placed.


  • Balance: The first crafting station unlock is now at level five instead of level three.
  • Balance: Players can now unlock a new crafting station every five levels.
  • Balance: Anywhere shop objects now have variable appeal depending on if they are placed outside or inside.
  • Balance: The following objects are now "Anywhere" objects: "Barrel," "Basket," "Autumn Wreath," "Large Blue Banner," "Small Blue Banner," "Large Red Banner," "Small Red Banner," "Decorative Pumpkins," "Wall-mounted Lantern," "Table Lantern," "Winter Wreath," "Winter Garland," and "Solstice Tree."
  • Objective: Moved crafting objective to level five so the objective launches at the same time a crafting specialization can be chosen.
  • Community (UI): The crafting and farming menus now have permanent side menus.
  • UI: When moving anywhere shop objects the expected appeal based on where it will be placed is shown.
  • Community (UI): The crafting repeater should now search upwards in item quality from the preferred choice before searching down and stay limited to the vegetable type that was chosen.
  • Community (UI): Closing the catalog menu before the animation was done playing could make the menu appear half visible.
  • Community (UI): The item info tooltip can sometimes go off-screen. When that happens, it should now be repositioned so that the tooltip remains within screen bounds.
  • Layout: Anywhere shop objects now get sold when shop structure is removed or added around them
  • Community (Audio): Buy swoosh sound should no longer play when a customer pays at the counter.
  • Community (UI): Added quality sort options to the commerce menu.


  • Performance: Hovering the mouse over furniture would slow down the game significantly.


  • UI: Added a delay before the main menu becomes interactable to prevent interactions while the main menu scene is fading in.
  • UI: The game-saving notification animation was not using unscaled time.
  • UI: All items in the commission menu should now have a quality indication.
  • UI: Changing the UI scale could cause the furniture menu tiles to not show on the initial presentation.
  • UI: The inventory capacity HUD will now remain visible if the inventory is empty.
  • Art: Some winter decoration outlines were incorrect.
  • Art: Lifted up the farming slots by a minor amount on planters because some seeds were not visible under the soil.
  • Objectives: Milestone Objectives couldn't start because their objective group list it was checking against never got populated.
  • Objectives: Autumn and Winter objectives had too many days to complete the objective, they should now properly stop after the last opening of the season.
  • Scenarios: Item values were set up wrong in the Relaxed Scenario leading to incorrect prices being displayed at the trader.
  • Scenarios: Displays did not receive the appeal upgrade when upgraded in the Creative Scenario.
  • Other: Furniture with multiple colliders would incorrectly select/deselect when entering/exiting the player's awareness range.
  • Other: Some decoration materials could cause big areas of shop objects to be highlighted when in range.
  • Other: Cached colors and updated outlines on all furniture.
  • Other: Cached colors and updated outlines of all entrances.
  • Other: Old graphics preferences could cause the game camera brightness to appear black. This value is now clamped to so the resulting brightness is no longer black.

You can read more about the update here.

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