Will To Live Online Update 0.57: New Event and Rewards

Will To Live Online Update 0.57
Will To Live Online Update 0.57 Steam

Will To Live Online recently received an update that added a new event, new rewards, and bug fixes.

New Event

The new event is called “Quench the thirst with gasoline.” It features a new boss, which is a cybernetic wolf that appears in multiple locations such as Coast, Korovie, Eastern Territories, and Swamps; you can encounter this boss only at night times. If you think it's easy to defeat, think again. The cybernetic wolf can call for drones to help him overcome enemies. But if you beat it, it will reward you with chrome bolts that can be exchanged for event items.


After collecting the bolts from defeating the boss or by completing quests, you can trade them for rewards.

One of the rewards is a bike called the Scrambler, which is faster and easier to handle than the moped. While the bike has a higher fuel capacity, it also consumes more fuel when used.

The other exchangeable rewards include a set of biker clothes, consisting of a helmet, vest, and jeans. The vest is light armor that comes in four colors to choose from.

Will To Live Online Update 0.57

Other changes
  • Ratburger and perfect broth no longer drop out of inventory on death
  • Now, if the body armor has hand protection, then when it hits the hands, armor plates are no longer used for protection, only armor, and its characteristics. Armor plates, respectively, are not destroyed when shot into the hands
  • Now the description of body armor indicates the presence or absence of hand protection
  • Added new mobs: Black jelly
  • In the "Canyon" location, new objects have been added at the entrance to the "Testing Grounds" location. Players returning from the "Testing Grounds" to the Canyon can now use these hideouts
  • Reworked indoor lighting for such NPCs as Gosha, Senya, and Victoria
  • Fixed many bugs in the design of locations
  • Added new objects in the location "Solnechny Outskirts"
  • Improved behavior of drones like Goliath

You can read more about the update here.

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