Wild Terra Online August 2 Update: Light Shields, PvE Events, and Bug Fixes

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Wild Terra Online recently received an update that added a new combat skill, new PvE events, combat skill features, and bug fixes.

New Combat Skills

The developers added a new skill called Light Shields. This skill now has the Shield Bash ability, which deals a small amount of damage but can stun the enemy. The old Shields skill has been renamed to Heavy Shields. The name change was done to avoid confusion between the two skills.

New Event

This update brought a new event called “Broken merchant's wagon.” It’s a group event where players have to fight off mobs while repairing the wagon. The rewards will be the transported goods that you’ve protected. Some of the rewards could be ores, leathers, or even ingots of different metals.

Wild Terra Online August 2 Update

Other Changes
  • The "Dominium aging" mechanic has returned to the game, while it is enabled only for small and medium-sized dominiums, in the future it will affect all dominiums as before. So don't forget to log into the game if you want to prolong the life of your dominium!
  • Now, when the dominium is destroyed, a message will be written to the global chat for all players. So that they can start looking for such dominiums and try to find something valuable there.
  • When resurrected with a scroll of "Rebirth," now satiety will be replenished up to 80%.
  • Now any uncooked food is considered "raw food," which restores satiety only up to the level of 50%.
  • The minimum distance between dominiums is now 7 tiles for all servers.
  • Now some animals and monsters can deal damage through the player's block, as well as inflict an instant counter-hit when taking damage.
  • Increased feeding time for some animals when tamed.
  • Made the description of the feeding time in the animal tooltip more understandable.
  • Increased the maximum level of cartography to 40.
  • A new epic treasure map has been added to crafting.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug with a negative critical hit value.
  • Fixed a bug in the Castle Auction interface.
  • Fixed "Too many commands" error when the player tried to collect taxes in the castle.

You can read more about the update here.

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