Wild Terra 2 New Lands July 30 Update: New Pets and Bug Fixes

Wild Terra 2: New Lands
Wild Terra 2: New Lands Steam

Wild Terra 2: New Lands’ developer recently released a new update that added new content and fixed bugs.

The developers have introduced new pets. One such pet is a small guardian you can come across while mining resources. Beware of them, however, as they look harmless but can be aggressive. Additionally, you can buy horses with unique colors from Henry near the tavern.

Wild Terra 2: New Lands Update (July 30)

Healing Skill
  • Added three Healer toolsets to the recipe book.
  • If the Healer's weapon is in hand, it becomes possible to use bandages, ointments, and medicines on other players and pets.
  • Added 6 abilities and a new Healing skill bonus.
New Pets and Horses
  • Added 8 horse colors of three types of rarity to the game. Four colors can be found on the plains and in the thicket.
  • Next to the tavern, the stableman Henry has settled, from whom you can buy horses of unique colors.
Combat Changes
  • Now you can create bolases, with which you can slow down the enemy, as well as dismount players.
  • Most large animals, as well as all bosses, now have a chance to dismount a player when attacking.
  • Now, when riding, the defensive bonuses of dodge, parry, and block with a shield are reduced by 4 times.
Other Changes and Bug Fixes
  • Added autorun (Caps Lock or Num Lock) similar to holding down the W button, camera rotation changes direction. Actions with chat, inventory, and interface do not disable autorun.
  • A mountable pet can now be placed in a mount slot.
  • Now the base speed of mounts and pets that can be mounted is displayed in the tooltip.
  • Now abilities on the quick action bar that cannot be used now will look inactive.
  • Fixed bugs due to which some objects entering and exiting dungeons could interfere with damage or arrows flying.
  • Fixed a bug due to which bushes, low plants, mushrooms, as well as the place of death of the player could interfere with the flight of arrows or damage with weapons.
  • Fixed a bug due to which a pet received experience several times if several types of periodic damage were applied on the killed mob.

You can read more about the update here.

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