Why The ‘Westworld’ Soundtrack On Spotify Is The Perfect Christmas Playlist

We don't trust Dr. Ford on Westworld. He's up to something. HBO

If you close your eyes, you can almost hear sleigh bells ringing and hooves galloping across fresh white powder while listening to Ramin Djawadi’s “Sweetwater.” Spend Christmas dinner humming to Dr. Ford’s theme song to drown out the noise of your family. Or, sing classics alongside Westworld ’s renditions of “House of the Rising Sun,” “Black Hole Sun,” and “Paint It, Black” with your aunt after dessert. While you’re in a food coma, dream about the days where watching robot cowboys kill each other in an amusement park every Sunday was the norm.

After skipping through a few of the repetitive tunes played over and over in Maeve’s brothel, records like “Bicameral Mind” and “Nitro Heist” bring you right back to the countless iconic scenes of the first season. The disturbing feeling the Wewstworld soundtrack provokes and the madness of the holidays will cancel each other out.

The Westworld theme song was also one of the best of the year. The soundtrack rivals Luke Cage and is right on par with Game of Thrones, which Djawadi composed as well. The iconic “Light of the Seven” from the Season 6 finale sent the internet wild. Djawadi’s resume also includes the scores of Iron Man, Pacific Rim and Gears of War 4.

The Westworld soundtrack is available now on Spotify. All 34 tracks are available, or you can buy the album for $9.99 on iTunes. Follow this link for the Spotify playlist that includes all of Djawadi’s renditions and the original versions.

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