This Week In The Division 2: No State Of The Game With Streams Returning 2020

Big discounts coming.
Big discounts coming. Ubisoft

For this week, The Division 2 revealed that there are no streams coming, but the developers are continuing to look into different issues that are considered as high priority. State of the Game streams are set to return in 2020. Finally, The Division 2 also announced special Black Friday deals.

There are a total of five high priority issues that The Division 2's community team is looking into. These include:

  • NPCs not spawning or being unable to locate NPCs to progress during a mission.
  • Invisible walls in several areas.
  • Specializations resetting under certain circumstances.
  • Developer interface sometimes appearing when fast travelling to missions.
  • Players being able to enter the Dark Zone with large quantities of Specialization ammunition.

The team also reminded everyone that they continue to look for ways to diversify the messaging around the State of the Game streams along with what is currently happening within the game. In addition, the article related to this topic is going to be published early each week. This way, everyone gets the information early. These articles include news regarding, among others, upcoming or ongoing events, details on server maintenance, patch notes, and other items that may be of interest to players.

The reason why there is little news this week is because no stream has been planned or released. The team continues to work hard creating and releasing future content. Hopefully by the time State of the Game streams return in 2020, more concrete news will be released.

Black Friday Deals

If you've wanted to buy a copy of The Division 2, now's the time. Black Friday deals at the Ubisoft Store are already live and they offer huge savings on Division 2's Ultimate Edition with amazing bonus content for The Division 2. The Ultimate Edition is available for as much as 70% off, and it includes:

  • Year 1 Pass
  • Battleworn Secret Service Pack
  • First Responder Pack
  • The Elite Agent Pack

Hurry, as the offer ends on December 2.

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