The Division 2 State Of The Game Recap 11/13 - New Fixes & Community Feedback

Here's what's happening this week.
Here's what's happening this week. Ubisoft

For this week in the Division 2, updates have mainly focused on fixes to the game since the release of Episode 2, Title Update 6, last October. Aside from the usual fixes though, the Division 2 revealed it was going to ask players to help decide on the future of State of the Game.

One important change coming to The Division 2 is that maintenance has been moved from Wednesday to Tuesday going forward. In addition, the developers are looking to players for feedback on the kind of content that will be showcased in future State of the Game updates when there's no news to highlight. Some of the possibilities being looked into include:

  • Quick recaps of what's happening in the game via articles, short social videos, or short developer Q&A videos.
  • Normal State of the Game recaps, followed by developer segments discussing things like production timelines, world building, and weapons creation.

That said, maintenance and fixes that arrived with Wednesday's update are:

  • Fixed an issue that caused flares to be stuck and clip with agents' bodies after the Signal Flare emote animation was interrupted.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Dark Zone perks available at Base of Operations" notification would display despite having no new perks.
  • Fixed an issue that caused characters' faces to become distorted after cutscenes.
  • Fixed an issue where the social menu did not function when accessed in a downed state in a pre-made group.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to share Gear Mods.
  • Fixed an issue where the players that purchased the Year 1 Pass were unable to activate the Technician Specialization on any World Tier.
  • Fixed an issue in which the donation tabs from any projects that require gear items did not show the correct equipment.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause crashes when engaging enemy NPCs in co-op Challenging difficulty at the Lincoln Memorial.
  • Kenly College: The team has been working on some fixes, for example the chapel door sometimes not opening when having finished all Investigation Areas, and the constant reminder that Torrez has transpo ready to Kenly College. The chapel should now be available to players who finish Kenly College, but the developers are still working to fix the transport reminder.

The developers are also looking into putting balancing changes to the Negotiator's Dilemma gear set in PvP. In particular:

  • Blowback talent is going to be updated to change the behavior of the launched grenade.
    • The grenade no longer explodes immediately on contact with its target.
  • The grenade now has a fuse timer, likely two seconds from launch to explosion.
  • The UI appears immediately on launch, warning players of the incoming projectile.

The developers revealed that they are currently working on Episode 3. However it's still too early to reveal any new content.

You can read more about this week's State of the Game here.

The Division 2 is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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