This Week In The Crew 2: Racing From Dusk Till Dawn

Take on the sun.
Take on the sun. Ubisoft

It's that time of the week again and in The Crew 2, the LIVE Summit is all about racing with everything you got from Dusk till Dawn. That's right, take on the sun itself and get to win new prizes. There's also a new vehicle up for grabs this week along with discounts on Touring cars.

As with any LIVE Summit, The Crew 2 offers a bundle to everyone in order to have a chance to complete the week's different events. For this week, the From Dusk Till Dawn Bundle comes with:

  • Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 2014 (SR)
  • Lamborghini Veneno (HC)
  • Citroen C3 WRC Racing 2017 (RX)
  • Vector V40R (PB)
  • Acura NSX GT3 (TC)
  • Red Bull RB13 (A)
Take a look at this bundle.
Take a look at this bundle. Ubisoft

There's no question this week has good offerings that can be used to get your hands on these prizes:

  • Platinum: Speedster Underglow
  • Gold: TC Performance Parts (Drag Bump + Slipstream)
  • Silver: Audi R8 Visual Part Set
  • Bronze: 300k FOLLOWERS

That's not all, as starting on January 15, the Honda S2000 is going to be available for purchase. Players can get this classic either through Bucks or Crew Credits.

Grab it before it goes away.
Grab it before it goes away. Ubisoft

Finally, for vehicle promotion, this week offers the fanciest of Touring cars there is for 25% off. Grab the Touring Xpert 2 bundle and get a chance to own the Ferrari 488 GT3 (TC), Lamborghini Huracan LP620-2 Super Trofeo (TC), and the Saleen S7R (TC).

In The Crew 2, the LIVE Summit is a PvE event that features themed activities and is updated on a weekly basis. Players who participate in this summit have a chance at winning various tiered prizes depending on where they are positioned on the leaderboard. The LIVE Summit also generally offers three different skill events along with five racing events. What makes the LIVE Summit unique is that the racing events often require players to drive vehicles in a different style than what was intended. For example, players may be required to use a street racing motorbike for a hypercar event.

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