This Week In The Crew 2: Go Airborne And Reach For The Skies

How's the air up there?
How's the air up there? Ubisoft

This week, The Crew 2 is all about driving, but of a different kind. For the LIVE Summit, it's time to show that you're not only the best when it comes to the road, but also the one to beat in the skies. That’s right, from March 4 to March 10, show your worth as an aircraft pilot and skyrocket your way to the top.

With the goal to be in the air, this week's LIVE Summit Bundle helps you do just that. For the Airborne bundle, you get the Granville Brothers Gee Bee R-1 (AB), Zivko Edge 540 (AR), and the Harmon Rocket III (AB).

With the theme being in the air, the skills used are limited to two. The first is Low Altitude, where players need to fly as low as possible without touching or crashing into the ground or any other objects. It’s not good to play safe, as more points can be obtained the closer the player is to the ground. The second is Aerobatic, where players have to fly an airplane in a way that matches certain positions given in a set course. The more precise players are when it comes to positioning their airplane, the more points they get.

To know what's at stake, here are the prizes that are up for grabs in this week's LIVE Summit:

  • Platinum: AB Performance Parts (Full Set Nitro Chemist)
  • Gold: Low Poly Grey Smoke
  • Silver: Visual Parts Set - Porsche 918 Spyder
  • Bronze: 300k FOLLOWERS

Of course, the week wouldn't be complete without the vehicle promotion, and for this one players get to enjoy the Street Xpert 4 bundle at 25% off. The bundle contains the McLaren F1 1993 (HC), Ferrari F40 (SR), and the Dodge SRT Viper GTS 2013 (DF).

In The Crew 2, the LIVE Summit is a PvE event that features themed activities and is updated on a weekly basis. Players who participate in this summit have a chance at winning various tiered prizes depending on where they are positioned on the leaderboard. The LIVE Summit also generally offers three different skill events along with five racing events. What makes the LIVE Summit unique is that the racing events often require players to drive vehicles in a different style than what was intended. For example, players may be required to use a street racing motorbike for a hypercar event.

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