Weakless Gets A Gamescom Trailer, Xbox One Version Also Announced

Announced for the PC back in July.
Cubeish Games and Punk Notion officially announce Weakless, an artistic 3D puzzle adventure game.
Cubeish Games and Punk Notion officially announce Weakless, an artistic 3D puzzle adventure game. Cubeish Games

Announced in late July for PC, 3D puzzle adventure game Weakless has just unveiled that it will also have an Xbox One version as announced by publisher Punk Nation and developer Cubeish Games. A new trailer has been released to coincide with the announcement.

Weakless is a single player story adventure puzzle game that focuses on themes of friendship, cooperation, and how two different beings can complement each other to reach greater heights. Players control two Weavelings: anthropomorphic plantlike beings, one of which is blind (named the Blind One) and the other deaf (aptly named the Deaf One). Together, you must guide these two who are on a quest to protect their village and the Weaveling civilization to restore the steady flow of Resin, the life energy for every living creature in this world. Save the land from the advancing Rot threatening the Weavelings’ habitat and existence.

The gameplay revolves around controlling the stoic Blind One and the energetic Deaf One, which both have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Controlling the Blind One causes the game to shift towards a black and gray landscape, which you can navigate by making noises. The Deaf One sees the wonderful and distinctive landscape in all its glory, but without the rustle of the leaves and the flowing of the streams to punctuate the silence. As in our world, people with impaired vision or hearing often adapt to develop their other senses to be sharper. This holds true for our two protagonists, which have an extraordinary set of skills that can turn their weakeness to be an unlikely advantage.

Weakless offers an intriguing take on similar games, such as A Plague Tale: Innocence, and at times, the universally acclaimed God of War. However, the game’s take on balancing the two characters so that they are both equally useful and handicapped (Resident Evil 4’s similar system with Ashley still gives me nightmares) still needs to be tested hands-on. Incidentally, Weakless will be playable at Gamescom 2019 from August 20 to 24.

Weakless currently has no confirmed launch date, although its Steam Page has a scheduled date for Fall 2019. The puzzle adventure game will release for the Xbox One and PC.

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