We Need To Bring Back Movie Tie-In Games

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Movie games don't have to suck anymore Activision

Movie tie-in games are not an inherently bad idea. However, perhaps its rise in popularity was premature. They were developed most frequently in conjunction with superhero flicks, and barring a few standouts like Spider-Man 2 and Batman Begins (which doesn’t hold up all that well) most titles of the genre rank amongst with some of the worst the medium has to offer. The problem was these games were beholden to cheap marketing campaigns and developed haphazardly in an effort to sell a couple more movie tickets and make some easy scratch.


In terms of quality, movie tie-in video games haven’t really gotten all that better, though the trend seems to have dematerialized. The last movie-tie in game that managed anything resembling a splash was 2013’s Star Trek, released alongside Star Trek: Into Darkness. That game sucked, but it had the right idea, sort of.

In a film industry that thrives off continuity and spin-offs, I propose studios bring movie-tie games back, but this time deliver games with the same degree of production and attention to detail as they would a spin-off TV series. The games should also implement some badass B-list characters  into continuity—the stakes are much lower than they would be for a film or even a television program, which means developers can take a lot more risks.

Moreover, what a perfect litmus test. If a spin-off video game makes a killing and rakes in a bunch of rewards, give that prowly character his own show or even movie.

DC films could really use this perfect universe-building tool. The games don’t require anything specific or story points essential to the larger movie-verse, but the title can be utilized to flavor things up, develop side characters and locations.

We have the tools to make these games really good now too. What if the Arkham series was in continuity? Look at how incredible this upcoming Spider-Man game looks. It’s cinematic, it’s gorgeous, it feels epic and weighty. We need to spread some of the catch up burden and freshen things up.

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