Watch The Overwatch League Grand Finals And Earn Exclusive Sprays

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Fans can earn exclusive sprays just by watching the main event of Overwatch League.
Fans can earn exclusive sprays just by watching the main event of Overwatch League. Blizzard

The finale of the second season of Overwatch League is fast approaching. If you want to double the fun, then you should consider watching the Twitch broadcast in order to earn some exclusive sprays.

As long as you watch at least one hour of matches during the highly anticipated grand finals, you will be eligible to receive the Wrecking Ball Watch Party spray. If you choose to enjoy the show for two hours, you will be able to acquire the Grand Finals Trophy icon. But if you go for about three hours, you will obtain an additional spray called the Payload Watch Party.

The promotion will start as soon as the first match of the Overwatch League Grand Finals begins and ends with the final match of the event. This also means that the pre and post-show will not necessarily count towards your “hours watched,” if you are thinking about this as a workaround.

In order for you to receive the sprays, you will have to watch the broadcast directly from Twitch,, or either the official site or app of the Overwatch League.

If you choose to watch the grand finals from Twitch, you have to make sure that you have properly linked your account to your Twitch account in the Connection tab. The latter can be found in the in-game account settings menu. If for some reason you cannot find it, there is no need to worry. That is because you can always click on the Connect button and just follow the steps to link these accounts.

This year’s Overwatch League grand finals will see the San Francisco Shock battling against the Vancouver Titans. These teams will be going up against each other to become the crowned team of the second season championship event. The grand finals event is expected to kick off on September 29 at 3:00 p.m. ET.

The match will surely be a very interesting one. The San Francisco Shock, in particular, entered the grand finals in a dominating fashion after they won 4-0 against the New York Excelsior. Of course, the Vancouver Titans also have their own tricks to offer. Whatever these might be, they will definitely surprise us.

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