New Overwatch Pro Controllers Coming To Switch

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The Reaper edition can be bought for $50 USD.
The Reaper edition can be bought for $50 USD. PowerA

For all Blizzard fans out there, this month's Nintendo Direct was perhaps the most exciting one as Overwatch: Legendary Edition is joining the Switch platform. Yes, that is right – the long wait is finally over.

In celebration of the biggest announcement at the aforementioned event, gaming peripheral company PowerA is creating a wide-range of Overwatch-themed accessories to give your gaming experience a good bump. The company, which is best known for its custom controllers, is expected to release at least two themed controllers for its Pro Controller line.

The D.Va edition from PowerA.
The D.Va edition from PowerA. PowerA

PowerA is confirmed to be using two of the most beloved characters in Overwatch: D.Va and Reaper. The Reaper edition comes dressed in the hero’s signature black and red highlights with his emblem located by the controller’s right thumb stick. You can also see a lining at the back of the controller and letters on the right side buttons.

There is also another Reaper mask logo which can be seen in the left thumb stick. The hero can be seen holding his infamous shotguns.

The D.Va edition, on the other hand, is also on the same aesthetic level. It comes in the hero’s signature light blue, which makes up a good percentage of the controller’s body. What is more, there is a splash of pink making up the thumb sticks, buttons, and D-pad. As with the Reaper edition, the mech-riding hero bunny emblem is perfectly embedded across the right thumb stick with the hero’s face-silhouette displayed next to the left one. The Starcraft pro stands in the middle of the controller in her blue bodysuit winking.

PowerA has also released an Overwatch-themed case designed for the Switch.
PowerA has also released an Overwatch-themed case designed for the Switch. PowerA

Apart from the custom controllers, PowerA has already released an Overwatch-themed case for the Nintendo Switch. It comes in black and yellow highlights, and includes a carrying handle. The Overwatch logo can be seen right in the center of it.

The Reaper edition can be bought for $50, while the carrying case is $25. But if you are more interested in the D.Va edition, you will have to pay EBGames a visit. It is where you can buy it for $62. To give these custom Switch controllers a look-see, check out the company’s official website.

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