Warframe: Veilbreaker Hotfix 32.0.2 Reverts Ammo Changes Made to Battery Weapons

Hotfix 32.0.2
Hotfix 32.0.2 Twitter/@PlayWarframe

Do you like using battery weapons in Warframe? If so, you’re going to be happy with Hotfix 32.0.2 because the ammo regen nerfs made to such weapons when Veilbreaker launched have been reverted, at least for the time being.

Battery weapons in Warframe are weapons that do not need to be reloaded manually. Instead, these weapons “recharge” their ammo after a short delay when players stop firing. The recharge delay is affected by reload speed bonuses, so players who stack such buffs will not need to wait that long for their weapons to be ready for use again.

That said, developer Digital Extremes has reverted the nerfs made to the ammo regen rate of battery weapons in Hotfix 32.0.2 after reviewing community feedback, citing that the adjustments were just too heavy-handed. Thus, the original values are restored for the following weapons:

  • Basmu:
    • Returned ammo regen rate to 42/s from 10.5/s
  • Bubonico:
    • Returned ammo regen rate to 9/s from 4.5/s
    • Returned Alt fire ammo requirement to 3 from 9
  • Flux Rifle:
    • Returned ammo regen rate to 40/s from 24/s
  • Fulmin:
    • Returned ammo regen rate to 30/s from 20/s
    • Returned Alt fire ammo requirement to 10 from 15
  • Shedu:
    • Returned ammo regen rate to 28/s from 3.5/s
  • Cycron:
    • Returned ammo regen rate to 40/s from 20/s
  • Tenet Cycron:
    • Returned ammo regen rate to 40/s from 20/s

Now that the ammo regen rate for these weapons is back to normal, devs from Digital Extremes said that they’re going to reassess how they can better approach these guns moving forward. This implies that these weapons may still get nerfed in this department, albeit not as bad as when Veilbreaker launched.

Anyway, here are the other changes in this update:

  • You must now have a Rank 30 (or Forma’d) Warframe equipped to access Archon Hunts.
  • Added complete Status Effect immunity to abilities that grant invulnerability to Archons.
  • Sentient Aerolyst changes (this applies game-wide, but is especially relevant with their presence in the Archon Hunts):
    • Removed reactions to damage from the Aerolysts.
    • Changed their canister color to red and increased the contrast to make them easier to see/target.
    • Lowered its knees for better canister visibility.
    • Extended the charge period of its seeking missiles attack so that it gives players an opportunity to shoot the cannisters.
    • Added a short delay between its dodging animations.
  • Added a HUD message when in the spectator screen to clarify that you’re not eligible for the Archon Hunt reward. Must be alive to get the booty!
  • Removed Daughter’s earphone music from her transmissions during Veilbreaker Quest.
  • Fixed being unable to control Kahl’s brothers with custom controls for the context action button.
  • Fixed attempting to issue a command as Kahl resulting in a loss of function.

The full patch notes can be found on Warframe’s official site.

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